Hannah Ferrier Below Deck Mediterranean

Reality TV cast members are used to social media criticism. Even pregnancy doesn’t make them exempt from the wrath of “fans.” Cue, the parent shamers…. and the pregnancy shamers. Yes, shaming starts before someone even becomes a parent.

OG Below Deck Mediterranean cast member Hannah Ferrier faced some critics when she posted a photo of herself cooking, rocking a sports bra and showcasing her baby bump. The commenters took issue with Hannah’s beverage, which just looks like water. However, some haters took issue with her using a wine glass and wondered if she was drinking alcohol during her pregnancy.

 Us Weekly reported on the conversations that went down in the comments section of Hannah’s Instagram post. One troll told Hannah, “In the USA, we don’t drink when pregnant.” In response, Hannah wrote, “That’s good for you. And def not unsafe to have sparkling water with fruit in a wine glass.” Seriously. She’s not even drinking juice or something other beverage that can be easily confused for wine.


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A different hater commented, “Hannah if you’re pregnant as we can see that you are, why are you drinking?” Hannah got creative with her clapback, sharing that her “body still needs fluids to survive — especially during pregnancy. Might I suggest sparking water and fresh fruit as photographed?” Which, again, is what it looks like in the photo, rather blatantly.

Hannah also wrote, “I can’t wait until there’s wine in the glass again, although I haven’t really missed it at all.”


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Come at Hannah for her lack of passion for yachting or her sub-par tablescapes- not for her choice of glassware and criticism based on zero facts.

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