Married At First Sight Recap: The Honeymoon Begins

The couples wake up in paradise and start to learn more about the person they just married. Some find the path to love natural, while others find it difficult to push past their comfort zones. One wife is starting to believe her husband may not be ready for marriage.

The group is not only getting the chance to get to know their spouse, but also to compare their relationship to their peers. The group unanimously agrees that Woody and Amani have the strongest connection, despite getting Married At First Sight. I would have to agree, but I think there are a few others that would also get the popularity vote in the viewer’s eyes as well. I just can’t wait until the real drama begins when these couples are faced with reality when they move in together. Let’s get straight into the Married At First Sight recap!

Amelia & Bennett

Married At First Sight Recap: The Honeymoon Begins

I am adding Bennett’s lack of knowledge of trendy catchphrases to his charm. During breakfast, he told his wife, Amelia he decided to get married at first sight to “yolo.” Most would think marrying a complete stranger would definitely fit the bill for a “yolo” moment. But when prodded, he explains he intends to “only love once.” Somehow, this is the perfect Bennett response. Amelia corrects him and explains the proper definition of the term to her confused husband. I guess if this works out, his definition and the real one would apply.

After an eventful day, Amelia and Bennett get into their PJs and moo moo to discuss their childhood. He reveals that for a long period of time he was obsessed with mortality because his mother had cancer and he believed she would die. Amelia, on the other hand had to become independent quite quickly having a working mother. But she describes her childhood as happy due to her mother’s hands-on approach when she was present. Regardless of their struggles growing up, those made them into the wonderfully quirky people they are today.

Amelia recounts how most of her relationships have ended because she has had to move several times. Although Bennett doesn’t say anything, it’s obvious that the idea worries him. His whole life is in New Orleans, I’m sure he is not ready to start thinking about leaving for someone he just met. It’s too early in their relationship for that to be a concern. Hopefully, no decisions will need to be made anytime soon.

Karen & Miles

Married At First Sight Recap: The Honeymoon Begins

Karen is worried about living with a man, after being independent for so long. She wonders if she will be able to express to Miles when she needs time alone without being rude. Miles seems like the kind of guy who would respect your space, if you explain your needs upfront. But he also seems like the type who will want to spend a lot of quality time with his partner. Hopefully, they will learn a balance as they get to know one another better.

When the couples hang out at the beach, Karen admits that it still feels weird to be married to a stranger. But for now, she considers her husband, her stranger. I guess for Karen, that is a huge step and Miles seems to be okay with that for now. At dinner, the topic of past relationships becomes the topic. Karen is more cautious ever since her last boyfriend cheated and had a child with someone else. Miles wants his wife to know he is all in, but shocks his wife when he reveals he has been in at least 10 monogamous relationships.

Miles must have thought this information would make his wife feel like he is a relationship guy, but it just made her more suspicious. Now Karen thinks he may be the type of man who hops from relationship to relationship. Miles explains his long dating history as dating with the intention to find a wife. He also points out that Karen’s lack of relationships could be considered a red flag as well. I really need these two to just go with the flow and stop overthinking everything.

Miles’ immaturity is really beginning to show. If he actually wants his wife to look at him as an equal, he may want to stop with the old jokes. Amani even has to point out that calling his wife a cougar and sugar mama is not complementary. Miles, if you want Karen to forget about your age, you may want to stop reminding her of it. This isn’t going to help him move beyond being a “stranger” husband or an acquaintance any time soon.

Amani & Woody

Married At First Sight Recap: The Honeymoon Begins

Amani and Woody may not be having sex, but things are definitely getting hot enough to lead to that soon.  According to Amani, every day he is knocking off a notch on her chastity belt. Seriously, how long can a person take baths and showers together without succumbing to more? After seeing his six-pack, I would be running my hands down his chest at every opportunity. Amani admits to her husband that she doesn’t have a lot of sexual experience. I love that she felt comfortable enough to reveal that upfront and even trust him to teach her some things, if necessary.

A fun day in the pool turns sour when Woody loses his ring. Although Amani wasn’t happy, she kept her cool and was supportive. This of course only made Woody like his wife even more. Aww… I really like these two together. In an effort to make up for losing his ring, Woody sports a hat to alert people he is married. Yes, let everyone know your marital status, but find that damn ring. He is lucky because that incident would have completely ruined the day or even the trip for many women.

Woody and Amani have a romantic dinner and discuss the prospect of having sex. Even the other couples were surprised to learn they haven’t had sex already given their connection. Amani wants to wait until the right time for them to cross that line. She is scared to be completely vulnerable because of bad past experiences. Her last relationship was with a man that she thought was great until she found out he was married. That type of experience would make anyone take things slow in the future. But let’s be honest, these two will have sex before the week is out.


Olivia & Brett

Married At First Sight Recap: The Honeymoon Begins

Olivia and Brett wake up in paradise and discuss past relationships. Brett instantly sees a red flag when he learns that his wife’s last relationship was almost 4 years ago. He finds it odd that she would just get married after having such a long hiatus. Meanwhile, Olivia sees some flags of her own when Brett shares that his last date was 2 days before he got matched. After seeing his behavior at his bachelor party, he probably went on a date that same night. Olivia, you may want to keep your eyes open, your husband isn’t as innocent as he seems.

At the beach, Olivia and Brett share stories about their childhood. Neither grew up with much money, therefore their families had to find inventive ways to have fun. Later, Brett finds out that his wife’s etiquette may not be up to par with his own. Not only does Olivia urinate in front of her partner, she is also willing to do it in the shower. How long have his relationships lasted that they have never gone to the bathroom in front of him? Not that it’s a goal, but after a while, it seems to happen organically.

But I guess he forgot his own etiquette classes when he was celebrating his engagement. But all hope may not be lost, these two did seem to enjoy one another’s company during the honeymoon. Olivia even kicked her husband’s butt on some monkey bars in an obstacle course.

Olivia is shocked to learn that her husband has been engaged although he considered himself a serial dater before he got married. Apparently, that relationship ended because his fiancé cheated on him multiple times. When they discuss children they both find that it’s not something they are eager to do right now. Olivia, has never seen herself as a mother, but is willing to consider the possibility if that is what her partner wants. Brett, on the other hand, wants children, but needs his partner to be as invested as him.


Christina and Henry

Married At First Sight Recap: The Honeymoon Begins

Christina and Henry decide to go kayaking together. In a confessional interview, Henry tells the camera that his wife was messing things up, so he had to take the lead.  When they returned to shore, he almost killed himself just trying to get out of the ,kayak. Oh Henry! Although he kept his cool during their date, he seems to get frustrated easily.

Christina admits to all the other couples she has struggled to understand why she and Henry were matched together. She is accustomed to a more aggressive man and feels they don’t have much chemistry. Henry reveals that he signed up for the experiment because his brother told him to do it. By nature, he is not an aggressive person and isn’t sure he ever will be. He also confesses that he has never even approached a woman he was interested in.

SMH… Ugh… this isn’t going to work. I say that for SEVERAL reasons, but especially because they have zero chemistry. What woman doesn’t want to feel like her man is interested in her? I fear Henry will always wait on his wife to initiate everything. I don’t think that is the type of relationship Christina wants long term. It almost like watching a mother and son rather than a married couple.

Christina makes it her mission to take Henry out of his comfort zone. When they float down a mud river, I thought Henry was going to have a panic attack. He did manage to be a good sport and try everything his wife suggested, despite being hesitant. If he thinks bouncing on a trampoline and playing in mud was hard, he is in for a wild ride with his adventurous wife. Lucky for him, I don’t think this torture will last longer than the 8 weeks of this experiment.


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