Love After Lockup Recap: Denied & Declined

Love After Lockup continues to be insane every week. What are Jessica and Maurice thinking by considering violating his parole? What is that going to accomplish? If Maurice is caught, it could derail (possibly forever) any future they’re planning. Just wait out the time, and don’t be a dummy. Speaking of dummies, Scott needs to accept that his relationship with Lindsey isn’t real. The truth will set you free Scott!

On the wilder side of things, Shawn is in way over his head with Destinie. She wants to be with women behind his back, and she’s clearly in this for the money. He has to walk on eggshells with every comment he makes. If he says the wrong thing, she can leave down and cost him tens of thousands. She doesn’t want to feel controlled or restrained. However, he needs to do something, or he’s going to lose everything.

Heather & Dylan

Heather Love After Lockup

We meet Heather and Dylan, and they are ALL about sex. They met before he went to prison, so it’s different than most of the couples on here. Heather shares so much about herself to the worker at the sex store. SHE IS SO EXTRA. Total train wreck TV, but I am engrossed nonetheless.

Heather hopes the connection they built during his prison tenure holds up on the outside. It’s so easy to find comfort in someone when you’re lonely and locked away. That can all change quickly when you’re in the free world full of options. The real work for the relationship has to be put in once they’re out of prison.

Jessica & Maurice

Jessica Love After Lockup

I cannot fathom how either of them think it’s a good idea to violate his parole. Just wait out the duration. They travel to the border line between California and Nevada to process it all. Before heading to Nevada, Maurice decides to urinate on the California side. It’s not the state that got him into trouble. He did that all on his own.

It makes sense that he’d be nervous to stay in California, but this isn’t the way to go about it. If he gets caught doing this, it’s his third strike. He will be sent back to prison, possibly for life. Is it worth it? Use your head Maurice.

Jessica says she’s excited for this, but you wouldn’t tell from her voice. She always looks sad and spaced out. She makes me feel a little sad inside. Once they get to her house, Maurice chugs warm vodka. A part of me died inside watching that. He didn’t even react.

Jessica’s parents don’t realize Maurice is violating his parole by being there. They already had reservations about the marriage, and this is a prime example of their concerns. This isn’t doing either of them any good. Their future might be down the toilet before it even begins.

Anxiety starts to set in for Jessica knowing Maurice is about to meet her parents. She warns him not the reveal the information that he’s violating his parole. If she knows how bad it is to tell people, why did they do it? That doesn’t even make any sense. This is the dumbest thing they could’ve ever done.

Maurice asks her how she feels bringing home a black man to her family, but she swears it’s not an issue. The thing I’d be more concerned about is being on his third strike and on the verge of a lengthy prison sentence.

John & Kristianna

Kristianna Love After Lockup

Kristianna FINALLY gets to see her mother, but she has to be a little sneaky about it. She has to find time while “looking for jobs”. They both break down after seeing each other again. There’s such a pure love there, and I hope this is the time Kristianna finally gets her life together.

Her mom is still concerned about the quickie marriage and the pressures facing her. However, she’s cautiously optimistic this time might be different for her daughter. Kristianna has NEVER finished her parole and has always relapsed. This is why John is so critical here. He is the make or break factor for his new bride. If he is a positive influence on her, she may finally have a successful shot here.

Scott & Lindsey

Scott Love After Lockup

Scott without his shirt isn’t a sight I was ever trying to see. However, we learn that Lindsey lost her halfway house space because she got smart with staff. Scott’s frustrated following the numerous delays and changes to her release. Of course, she needs money from Scott so she had to reach out eventually.

This man relocated his entire life to be with her, but all Lindsey can do is play him. I hope one day Scott comes to his senses and opens his eyes to what’s really happening here. Lindsey wants an endless supply of money and is obviously willing to manipulate him long term to make that happen.

Shawn & Destinie

Destinie Love After Lockup

Shawn and Destinie are the weirdest fit together. He comes across more like her dad than her boyfriend. Vegas is the ultimate adult playground, and she’s tempting fate in a big way being there. She mentions that she’s not allowed to be in possession of any kind of bank account. Her past with check fraud makes her a liability to any banking establishment.

He offers to let her use his card with a limit of $1,500, but that’s not enough for her. She wants at least $5,000 or even up to $10,000. Shawn cannot afford to be with a woman this obsessed with money. If he pisses her off too much, she’s going to ditch him and cause him to lose so much money.

What Destinie doesn’t know is the closeness Shawn has with his ex Kelly. Her jealousy could threaten the peace he has with the mother of his children. Right now things are okay between them, but Destinie’s attitude could cause that peace to crumble. He needs to figure it out quick. Personally, I highly doubt Destinie is going to be able to handle being a stepmother to six kids.

The salesperson at the store was also locked up before, so she relates to Destinie’s situation. Destinie flat out asks if she’s ever been with women in prison, and she confirms she has. What a ballsy move to just ask someone you don’t even know a personal question like that.

It’s Destinie’s dream to date both Shawn and a woman at the same time. The only issue with that plan is what will happen when Shawn eventually discovers what she’s doing. She has no clue how he’d react. Destinie is at the store mapping out a future with both Shawn and the saleswoman without thinking any of it through.

Destinie’s flirting pays off well because the salesperson gives her an addition percentage off. She doesn’t get the merchandise though because Shawn’s card is declined. He claims he doesn’t know why, but she thinks he maybe cut her off. Can you really blame him? You’re spending money like nobody’s business, and he isn’t a millionaire. Eventually he’ll run out.

I think we all know this is going to end badly for Shawn. He’s going to be out the fifty grand, and who even knows what he will do then. If someone shows you red flags from the start, PAY ATTENTION. It’s hard to feel sorry for him.

Shavel & Quaylon

Shavel Love After Lockup

Quaylon is elated to finally be free and interacting with his family. They are very welcoming to Shavel which is a good sign. Things look to be going better meeting them than when she met Quaylon’s mom. This is the first time their families are meeting each other, so there’s a lot of room for drama.

Quaylon’s sister expresses his concern about him remaining in Kansas City. They’ve seen the influence it had on him in the past. He’s spent his entire adult life behind bars. The last thing they want is to lose him again. His sister thinks he’s more interested in Shavel providing for him financially than being her true love.

Shavel’s cousin loses his mind on her after learning she bought Quaylon a vehicle. He maps out how easy it would be for Quaylon to take the truck and leave her. He really could. She’s not thinking things through at all. He’s already made up his mind that he doesn’t like Quaylon for Shavel. He’s so fired up before this party, and now he doesn’t even want to meet him.


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