Disqus Logins Will Be Removed This Week

Hello to the Reality Tea community. We appreciate your patience as we adjust to using the Insticator commetning system. During this transitional period, users have been able to log in via their Disqus user name. However, that option will be removed this week. We understand how inconvenient that might be to some people, so we wanted to give you all a heads up. We apologize for any issues you may have and we appreciate your patience as we work with Insticator to develop this platform.
Additionally, if you have any suggestions for us to pass along to the Insticator team to improve the system, please let us know. We have shared all of your feedback so far. Continue reading below for more information. We will also be revisiting this in the future with some some opportunties for you win items from our merchandise store in exchange for your participation in our community.

Comments by Disqus users will still be visible on the sites, however the option to login via Disqus will be removed. Any user who has logged in via Disqus since the transition to Insticator commenting will receive an email notification once the Disqus Login option is removed. This email notification will encourage the user to create an Insticator account with the same credentials they had used on Disqus and will automatically map all their historical comments to their new user profile.
Should a user miss the email notification, we will be displaying a link to the instructions within the Login window (‘Trying to Login with Disqus?”) explaining how to login into their user account using an Insticator Commenting account. This login notification will always be shown instead of the Disquslogin button after the removal.
Former Disqus users who have yet to log in before the removal, will be able to map their historical comments to their new user credentials in their profile settings once they create an Insticator account.
Users will still have the option to log in via other platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google).