Denise Richards
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Denise Richards’ OnlyFans: Income, Content, and Controversy

After removing herself from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills following Season 10, Denise Richards set to work creating content for a different platform; OnlyFans. Denise’s time spent online has not been in vain. The reality television star has seen massive financial wins thus far. That said, controversy has also been a large part of Denise Richards’ OnlyFans journey.

For those in the dark on what OnlyFans offers, here are a few quick facts.

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform that launched in 2016. The site gained popularity during the pandemic in 2020. During this period, many people found themselves out of work due to lockdowns.

On OnlyFans, users can sell their original content at any price they set. The platform offers an option to list content through bundled monthly memberships, or, pages can even be free. If set at free, items within the page may be listed for purchase.

The content found on OnlyFans is quite diverse. Entertainers can be seen promoting their newest projects. Fitness experts can also be found showing off the latest in strength training moves and diets. Garnering the site their largest earnings, members can view and purchase adult content.

Denise’s OnlyFans account has now entered the chat.

OnlyFans Income

Denis Richards/Instagram

Knowing her worth, Denise’s OnlyFans has higher costs. Initially, curious minds can sign up for a free 30-day trial. Past that, a 3-months subscription costs $67.50 while a 6-months subscription can be purchased for $127.50.

So how much does Denise earn from her little side hustle? Well, let’s just say that Denise can officially purchase as many underdressed outfits for RHOBH as desired. The “lucky she even wore a bra” to film breakfast scenes in star is “rich, b***h.”

Denise brings in a whopping $2 million a month with her curated OnlyFans content. Is anyone else now googling “how to set up an OnlyFans account?”

In the words of Denise’s RHOBH foe, Lisa Rinna, “She’s rich honey, she’s riicchhhhh!”

Denise Richards’ OnlyFans Content

Jeff Lewis Live/SiriusXM

Previously married to Charlie Sheen, Denise’s new husband, Aaron Phypers, assists with the content selection(s) on Denise’s OnlyFans account. As Denise explained in an interview with Sirius XM, “Aaron shoots a lot of my content. He knows what men might like. I show him things and ask him what he thinks.”

Denise is using OnlyFans to step up the “conservative” showing found within her other social media accounts. As for what Denise shares on her subscription-based page, she explained, “I do bikini, I do lingerie. I do stuff that is sexier, because I also think, why not?”

In terms of nudity, Denise shared that she also offers “tush” and topless images, as “they’re already out there, if you Google.”

If this offends, take RHOBH’s Kim Richards advice: “Have a piece of bread, maybe you’ll calm down a little.”

Controversy Denise Richards Has Receieved

Denise Richards/Instagram

Denise’s journey on OnlyFans has been met with controversy on more than one angle.

Denise and Charlie’s daughter, Sami Sheen, created an OnlyFans account at the age of 18. Due to her age, parental consent was not required, but Sami did broach the topic with both of her parents prior to the creation of her account. Denise shared that Sami “was going to keep it very tasteful, to mainly, like, bikini stuff, bathing suit and stuff like that.”

At first, Charlie was not onboard. He publicly stated, “I do not condone this.”

Following Charlie’s reaction, Denise was quick to point out the double-standards that women often face. This, hit home with many critics, especially women. Here, Denise explained that if a women posts a bikini photo on Instagram, it’s fine. Therefore, if women post bikini photos behind a paid-for-subscription, the reaction needs to remain consistent.

Denise joined OnlyFans in June 2022, just days after her daughter’s account went live, in support. “The reason why I wanted to join was because she got so much backlash for that, that I didn’t think it was really fair,” Denise shared.

Charlie promptly walked back his words, giving Sami a “united parental front.”

The controversy did not stop here.

Just a few weeks after Denise’s OnlyFans went public, Sami shared on her page that she and her mother were going to collab on a post. “If you tip in, I’ll make sure to send you an extra special and sweet video from both of us” wrote Sami.

Without even waiting to see what this content might be, the reactions that pored in immediately turned to disgust. Cue Welcome to Crappie Lake‘s star Countess Luann de Lesseps‘ pleads of “Be cool. Don’t be all, like, uncool.”

Without an OnlyFans account, I can’t tell you what this collab ended up being. Chime in if you know though, and feel free to use a “friends account” as your source.