Love After Lockup Recap: Master Plan

The couples on Love After Lockup are reaching their boiling point, and the drama is sizzling. Dylan finds himself in a perilous situation with Heather. She’s next level crazy, and her erratic behavior could cost him everything. He needs to escape as fast as he possibly can. John needs to keep himself in check because he may have lost Kristianna for good. If she doesn’t follow the rules, it’s over for them already.

Scott bought himself a reprieve with Lindsey, but how long will that last? She’s a ticking time bomb, and I suspect she’s full of secrets. We haven’t seen the real Lindsey. That’s glaringly obvious. He needs to watch his back because her plan isn’t over. It’s felt like a long con from the beginning, and he’s fallen for every second of it. This illusion is going to crumble eventually.

Heather & Dylan

Heather Love After Lockup

Heather scares me. I just want that to be known. She gives off an insane amount of serial killer vibes. Dylan has only been out of prison a few hours, and Heather is showing how bats**t crazy she is. Dylan hasn’t shown himself to be sketchy in any way, so there’s no real reason why she’s acting like this.

In the car they get a call from Aunt Diane that his parole officer is there. They have to get there before he leaves, or Dylan is headed straight back to prison. If Heather wasn’t completely insane, they wouldn’t be in this position. Dylan didn’t really want to leave, but she was making it impossible for him to just breathe at Aunt Diane’s. This is all her fault.

John & Kristianna

John Love After Lockup

It’s been over a month, and they still have not had sex. Not only that, but John was removed from her visitor’s list. I get where they’re coming from because he was enabling her to slack off on her job search.

She has a lot of rebuilding to do in her life, and she needs someone that will keep her on the straight and narrow. John has his own sketchy past, and he approaches it from that ex con mentality. That’s not going to do anyone any good.

Kristianna has a job now, but she still can’t see John. She can only go to work and to the halfway house. John has found a way to get her money though. He has stashed money on her route to work. That’s such a slippery slope. He’s giving her ample means to feed her addiction and end up failing in her recovery. What is he thinking?

John is moving Kristianna’s family in with him, and that’s another ill advised idea. The sister has an active drug problem, and he’s inviting that into his home. He has no idea what their intentions are with this. He loves his wife, but he knows little to nothing about her family.

Scott & Lindsey

Lindsey Scott Love After Lockup

Having an ankle monitor seems so inconvenient. The way Lindsey has to sit in one spot without moving to charge it is so weird. You’d think there’d be a more efficient manner of doing that in this day and age.

Things are going better for these two after the surprise visit from Lindsey’s daughter. So well in fact that Lindsey is finally ready to be intimate with Scott. Now that she’s downed some wine, she is comfortable enough to sleep with him. She also raves about Scott’s athletic body which apparently I’m not able to see. Maybe she’s confusing Dad bod with soccer bod.

Their first time together was magical for Scott, but it was painful for Lindsey. The next morning Scott came across a handwritten letter that has him disturbed. She claims it’s a quote out of a book, but it comes across like a master plan to con and scam Scott. This looks SO BAD for her.

Shavel & Quaylon

Shavel Love After Lockup

Quaylon is still being standoffish with Shavel after his talk with her pastor. He knows that being with her isn’t the endgame for him, but he’s still going through the motions. It makes it so much more complicated when children are involved. The last thing Quaylon wants to do is break that little girl’s heart.

Out of nowhere at the zoo, Quaylon tells Shavel he will be traveling to Texas. It’s a little bit obvious that the relationship is over because he’s getting a one way ticket. They’re not going to bounce back from this.

Going to Texas to be with his mother is probably the best thing for him. Going from prisoner to this instant family is setting everyone in the situation up for failure.

Shawn & Destinie

Destinie Love After Lockup

Shawn is still aimlessly searching for Destinie knowing his $50,000 is on the line. There were so many red flags about Destinie, but he chose to ignore all of them. I want to feel sorry for him, but he makes it difficult.

He finally locates Destinie in the hot tub sipping on some champagne. This is a total reversal from the way she was acting when she caught him on the phone with his ex. Regardless, I don’t think these two are meant to be. He’s not rich enough for the lifestyle she craves.

For Destinie, the issue is a lack of trust with Shawn and his inability to be real. That’s honestly so true. She has a truckload of red flags sure, but Shawn has just as many. He claims he’s going to fix everything for her, but I don’t know how true that is. I’d just pretend until after the court date, and then ghost her so fast.

Destinie is back in California for her court date, but she’s a little weary her past might haunt her. Her sister calls to arrange a night of drinking, but Shawn is against it. His money is on the line, and we are really down to the wire. If she gets too drunk and doesn’t show up to court, he is screwed.

She’s so sick of hearing about the money on the line, but there’s a reason for his fear. She has a history of breaking the rules and going against the system. She cut off her last ankle monitor, so she opposed to going to extremes. Getting wasted with her sister the night before the big court date shows her lack of maturity.

Shawn calls Destinie while she’s out drinking, but she wants him off her back. She feels like she can’t do anything without him acting like her dad. I can understand that. She wants some room to breathe. However, at the end of the day, she owes her freedom to Shawn. She wouldn’t be able to blow money on his credit card without him putting the money on the line.

Destinie openly admits that she’s a runner, so how does she not understand where Shawn’s coming from? She won’t respond to any of his messages or calls, so Shawn is unable to sleep. This is morphing into his worst nightmare come true.


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