Love After Lockup Recap: Two Body Bags

This season of Love After Lockup is almost over, and that’s heartbreaking news! These couples are some of the wildest ones that we’ve ever had on the show. Heather feels like a heartbeat away from becoming the criminal herself. Dylan is in danger and should really find somewhere else to live. She’s either going to get him in trouble or cause him some sort of harm. It’s scary!

Despite Destinie’s likely prison sentence, Shawn is still wanting to make her his wife. They make no sense on paper, but you can’t stop love! He has no idea she plans on dating women, but do these things even matter anymore? True love cannot be stopped. They’re probably not endgame, but it’ll be a fun ride for the meantime. She hates his baby mama, so their eventual meetup is going to be full of fireworks. Kelly has no idea what’s coming.

Heather & Dylan

Dylan Love After Lockup

Heather continues to be the unhinged sociopath that we’ve come to know and fear. Driving the wrong way down a one way street is just too much. She’s going to murder Dylan one day if he doesn’t get out of this relationship.

Thankfully, Dylan is able to escape the vehicle and seek help from the producers. This is just a temporary reprieve because he is still supposed to reside with her. He has nowhere else to go that we know of.

I guess I was wrong because Dylan meets up with his mother and aunt for advice. Why couldn’t he just stay with one of them? No matter what, Heather is bats**t crazy. That’s just the truth.

Dylan explains that Heather didn’t like his mother spending time with him. While he was in prison she would freak out saying his mom was trying to monopolize all of the visits. That should have been the first sign to run the other way buddy.

Jessica & Maurice

Jessica Love After Lockup

It’s heartbreaking that Jessica’s sister cut her out of her life because of her relationship with Maurice. That just sucks. What does it even matter to her? First off, Maurice actually seems like a really decent guy. He’s going to be a great father. I feel it.

Jessica‘ mother is way more excited about the baby than her father. It really is exciting. These two seem to be the most adjusted couple out of anyone on this show. I actually want to root for them.

John & Kristianna

John Love After Lockup

I’m really sad Kristianna is going back to prison. I’m equally sad that she relapsed. She seemed so happy to be out, and so determined to get her life back on track. However, there’s something about watching them be intimate that really repulses me. So much ew.

Kristianna doesn’t want to turn herself in. She doesn’t want to leave John. He is the first man who actually understands who she is at her core. It’s hard to leave that behind. However, she doesn’t want the cops to catch them. That could land John is in some serious hot water.

The longer she waits the worse it’s going to get. She really needs to turn herself in before she gets everyone in trouble. I understand her desire to spend time with John and her family, but enough is enough. Don’t be selfish and put everyone in danger.

Scott & Lindsey

Lindsey Love After Lockup

For some reason the master plan note wasn’t enough for Scott to send Lindsey packing. He wants to keep working on the relationship. When your bank account is drained and you have nothing, don’t cry about it. You’re opening yourself up to whatever mess that comes next.

Lindsey’s friend comes over, and she tries to be positive about the house. She’s a little rude though. She seems to be just as much about the money as Lindsey. Are there really that many gold diggers out there? This show has SO many.

As much as Scott wants this to last, the writing is on the wall that it’s a sham. Her master plan laid out everything. Why is he choosing to ignore these signs? Please trust your instincts. She’s not a good person. Not at all.

Shavel & Quaylon

Quaylon Love After Lockup

Quaylon’s already been gone home for a week, and things are growing distant between him and Shavel. She has a right to feel insecure. He went about this entire thing so dirty. Filling her head with empty promises AND her daughter’s head is revolting.

Quaylon gets invited to go to a bar with multiple women tagging along. This is the moment of truth for his relationship for Shavel. If he makes a bad decision while out, it’s over for them. Shavel really thinks she has an entire future with this man, and he’s off gallivanting across the country.

While out with his sister, Shavel calls. He doesn’t answer which seems like a bad move for his relationship. They should just call it quits. I think it’s so messy that his sister is bringing another woman to the bar to hangout with them. She’s aware he has a woman already. Why be shady like that?

She keeps calling which makes everyone feel like she’s trying to mother him. Quaylon feels really smothered by her, but I think it’s natural she’s going to want to check on him. Shavel wants to know the state of their relationship. She’s banking on him returning home to her and her daughter. It’s really not that weird.

Shavel sees a photo of Quaylon’s sister and her friend, so she knows what he’s up to. He’s really defensive about the situation. Her accusations are far from baseless. She’s fully on to the intent of this hangout. This other girl is trying to pursue him. Shavel is not crazy. Do not gaslight her.

Shawn & Destinie

Destinie Love After Lockup

Shawn proposing to Destinie despite all of the red flags is ridiculous. I can’t help but laugh at how long it’s taking her to answer though. There’s no way this is going to survive though if she goes back to prison. He isn’t thinking this through.

Destinie says yes, and they’re officially engaged. Have they ever been happy even once since she got out? There’s’ ALWAYS some sort of unnecessary drama going down. Also, have we dropped the entire storyline about her dating women? That entire thing just vanished from their story.

At least Shawn has confirmation that Destinie actually loves him. Her saying yes is a little bit shocking. I thought for sure she wouldn’t stay with him because he’s not super rich. It really seemed like she wanted a man with an endless bank account.

The hard part is around the corner for them. Shawn has no idea how his ex will react to the news. She wasn’t thrilled about his relationship with Destinie to begin with, but marriage as a whole other wrinkle. Putting these two women in the same room is just asking for something nasty to erupt.

Shawn brings up the idea of meeting his ex and kids to Destinie, but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. I think it’s responsible for Destinie to know the idea of it will trigger her and that she wants no part of it. It’s not going to end well.

Putting Destinie and Shawn’s ex in the same room is such a bad idea. Kelly is going to get knocked out or stabbed or something. It’s going to be so bad. At the same time, Destinie is hyping this up for no reason in her head. She’s already prepping for some UFC fight when she has no idea how it’ll go down.

Destinie removes her ring because Kelly has no idea they’re engaged. Just as Destinie is ranting about it, Kelly walks up, and we are ON! We have to wait until next week, but we know it’s going to be drama filled.


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