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90 Day Fiance Star Brittany Banks Says Yazan Abo Horira Doesn’t Value Religion Or Family As Much As He Claims

Most 90 Day Fiance couples are dysfunctional.  Put two people together from different backgrounds and there are bound to be disagreements.  One partner will come from a more progressive society and will struggle to adhere to orthodox cultures.  They also have not experienced daily life together.  Put all this conflict together and it still would not encompass the hot mess that is Yazan Abo Horira and Brittany Banks.

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Season 2 star Brittany waltzes onscreen with little sensitivity about Jordanian fiance Yazan’s culture.  Each encounter with Yazan is a power struggle regarding who will compromise what.  Brittany is expected to adhere to Islamic life, while Yazan is challenged to appease his family.  One wonders why either partner would want to change their life so much for the other.  But Brittany says that Yazan struggled more with the contrast in cultures than she did.

Brittany told Entertainment Tonight, “people definitely have the wrong impression of me and I feel like Yazan has a cute way of telling his side of the story.”

“Honestly, I feel like Yazan is like that with any woman that he loves, you know what I mean?” Brittany said, “he was like that with his ex-girlfriend. He was hooked on her, he really loved her. [When] he’s with me, he really loves me, he wants to make a new life with me, he wanted to make a new life with his ex as well. I don’t think that he values his family and religion as much as people think he does.”

“I think, you know, he really wants to have a different kind of life with me,” Brittany opined about the sway Yazan’s society has on his life, “and he just has so much pressure from his family that he’s sometimes not able to follow through with those promises that he made me because the pressure gets to him, and he just ends up putting pressure on me to change and that’s not fair.”
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Brittany claimed that Yazan is completely different when they are together, and that he projects the obligations from his family onto her.  She suspects that her fiance craves freedom from cultural expectations.
“I think he just really wants to live a life with me,” Brittany said, “I think he wants to have that westernized lifestyle. And he loves me, we get along great, we laugh together, we have so much fun, we go out together, we do everything together, and that’s what people don’t see.”
She added, “We’re the best of friends, after all this religion stuff, this culture stuff, all the pressures that family and friends put on him. If he didn’t have that he would be a totally different person. Like, he hid that stuff, and that’s what people don’t see.”
Despite Brittany’s fashion faux pas in last week’s episode, she also claimed to be familiar with Jordanian culture. “I learned a lot about the culture, I learned a lot about the religion, and I did it on my own,” she explained, “there were things I learned a lot on my own that Yazan did not teach me. The first two trips there, he had no interest in teaching me about Islam, so it was just, like, I did a lot that you guys don’t know about, so, don’t be so quick to judge.”
Brittany said, “I think people think I’m selfish. I think people think I’m arrogant and narcissistic.  I think people confuse that with, I love myself and I have boundaries for myself and I’m not wavering in that, and I know exactly what type of man I want, and just because a lot of women are out here accepting any kind of love a man gives them, doesn’t mean I’m gonna do the same thing.”
Brittany is only half of the equation.  Yazan’s on camera rages, starting from the moment Brittany landed in Jordan, have been shocking to watch.  Reliving those moments have caused stress for the couple, but Brittany revealed that they are staying focused on the future.

Brittany explained, “I think it’s just a learning experience for the both of us. Yeah, we’ve been getting mad at each other watching everything back. There are a lot of things that come up and I might curse him out, you know, today, like it was back in that situation because it’s so traumatizing to keep watching the situation back. It causes problems, you know?”

Hopefully Brittany learned that hiding her marital status from her fiance was not the best course of action.  That drama has yet to play out onscreen.  Catastrophic comes to mind and Brittany confirmed that the revelation will be “explosive.”


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