90 Day Fiance Season 8 Premiere Recap: I Think You’re My Future Wife

It’s that time of year again, 90 Day Fiance  is back!!! There are some new faces and some familiar ones who are determined to make their love last. This season promises to follow the crazy. The cast has everything from age gaps, trust issues issues, overbearing family and a whole lot of drama. Now that they are engaged, each couple must marry within 90 days of arriving in the U.S. or face leaving the country. Let the shit show begin!

Brandon‘s parents’ strict rules surprise his Russian fiancée, Julia.  Yara isn’t impressed with Jovi‘s hometown. Rebecca Parrott and her Tunisian beau, Zied Hakimi, await visa news. Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva‘s relationship takes an unexpected turn. Let’s get straight to the 90 Day Fiance recap!

Brandon, 27 (Dinwiddie, VA), and Julia, 26 (Russia)

90 Day Fiance Premiere Recap: I Think You’re My Future Wife

Brandon is a pest control operator who lives and works on his overbearing parent’s farm. He was first introduced to Julia when his friend saw her go-go dancing in a club and decided to video chat Brandon. Despite the distance and different lifestyles, the pair hit it off. After only five months and one meeting in person, Brandon proposed. Now they are getting ready for Julia to move to the U.S., but after all of the money he has spent on the relationship, they will need to live with his parents for a while. His parents are happy their son has finally met someone, but they are not entirely sure about Julia’s intentions or past. This definitely should be interesting! I can’t wait for this city girl to realize she will be expected to do farm chores and stay in a separate room.


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Apparently, there have been some red flags within Brandon and Julia’s relationship. He affectionately calls her Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde due to her quick changing personality. Julia also seems to be trying to get pregnant. But Brandon’s mother takes it upon herself to schedule a gynecologist appointment so she can find out her options. This has disaster written all over it. When you combine clingy parents, a guy who is just excited to date someone and  a woman with a master plan, there is bound to be drama.

Jovi, 29 (New Orleans, LA), and Yara, 25 (Ukraine)

90 Day Fiance Premiere Recap: I Think You’re My Future Wife

While traveling solo around the world, Jovi decided to download a travel app to meet new people. When he matched with Yara, he wasn’t expecting anything more than a fling, but they had an instant connection and continued to travel together. Six months into their relationship, Yara found out she was pregnant.  Initially Jovi thought he was being trapped, then decided to propose and file for the K-1 Visa. Sadly, she had a miscarriage, but the experience strengthened their feelings and commitment.

Jovi’s mother wonders if Yara will be able to fit in with his Southern outdoor lifestyle and if she is using her son. Now Yara is getting ready to move to New Orleans and start a new life. The only catch is due to his work schedule, he will only be with her for 2 weeks before he has to leave for a month to return to get married. Talk about pressure! If this doesn’t test their relationship and intentions, I don’t know what will.


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Yara has finally arrived in the U.S. and things already don’t seem to be going well. She is extremely tired after a 30 hour flight from Ukraine. Instead of understanding, Jovi is disappointed that she doesn’t want to go out and party after traveling for over a day. Maybe, you should have gotten her flight with less connections. This guy has to be completely inconsiderate or just immature.

Rebecca, 49 (Woodstock, GA), and Zied, 27 (Tunisia)

90 Day Fiance Premiere Recap: I Think You’re My Future Wife

You will remember Rebecca and Zied in Before the 90 Days. They became engaged and were starting the K-1 Visa process. I specifically remember the lies, jealousy, Rebecca’s catfishing pics and Zied’s muffin top skinny jeans.  Although Zied has been approved for a visa, he still has to pass his interview. If everything goes as planned, he will be on his way to the U.S. Rebecca is no longer a private investigator. She is working overtime as a restaurant manager to support Zied financially when he arrives.


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Rebecca and Zied will have to live with youngest daughter Tiffany and her fiancée when he arrives. Like last time, Zied’s conservative religious beliefs create conflict in their relationship.  He doesn’t feel comfortable living with an unmarried man who could possibly see Rebecca in pj’s. Sigh! Zied, you have nothing to worry about. I think you are the only one in the running for Rebecca’s heart and panties.


Mike, 35 (Sequim, WA), and Natalie, 35 (Ukraine)

90 Day Fiance Premiere Recap: I Think You’re My Future Wife

Last season we met Mike and Natalie after they were introduced by friends. Although they fell in love, we also watched them deal with everything from trust issues, major differences and uncertainty about their feelings. Despite everything, they applied for the K-1 Visa and Mike went to the Ukraine while they waited for it to process. During the trip they got into a huge fight and Natalie returned the engagement ring. Now things are moving quickly when she finds out that she must move to the U.S. within 20 days of receiving her visa. With how they left things last time, Mike is nervous that everything is moving so fast and wonders if they’ll be able to sort out all of their issues with only 90 days to commit to marriage.

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