Married At First Sight Recap- Nice To Marry You

Married At First Sight is about to start getting interesting. The two final weddings conclude, and all five matches meet the new families they’ve just married into. While some pairs feel destined for success, others exhibit red flags. One groom has a shocking reaction to his new bride.

All the couples are overwhelmed after a day full of nerve wrecking introductions. Some handle this well, while others depend on the assistance of alcohol.  Then it’s time for their first night together as husband and wife. Can someone say awkward! I guess there is no way around getting better acquainted, when you need help getting out of your wedding dress and have to sleep next to a stranger. Let’s get straight into the Married At First Sight recap!

Paige & Chris

Married At First Sight Recap- Nice To Marry You

The tension is thick as Chris stands at the altar pondering if he just agreed to marry his worst fear, an unattractive woman. When he sees her, his first words are “oh, shit” under his breath. Paige’s description from her family and friends showcase her as a person, while Chris’ is more about his business, his love of nice things and a honeymoon baby. His vows are a little more heartfelt, but nothing in comparison to his wife’s. Things get a little awkward when it’s time for their first kiss, but she gives her stranger spouse the green light for a kiss on the lips.

As the two get to know one another, Chris quickly learns that Paige is independent and successful in her own right. She also isn’t easily impressed by his bragging. Going from homeless to owning a business is impressive, but he clearly isn’t humble. He then begins to talk incessantly about his ex and even admits to being engaged just a few short months ago. Luckily, Paige isn’t instantly entranced by his shiny suit. She is taking note of all of the red flags, as they are revealed. SMH… I already feel bad for her. She clearly has been waiting all of her life for this moment. For her new husband to muddy the water with talk of another woman, is in such poor taste.

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Paige worries that she and Chris may not have any chemistry. When she arrives at the reception, she immediately expresses her concern to her bridesmaids. On their first dance, Chris uses this time to learn about his wife’s preferences for designer items and makeup. Insert side eye here. Really, Chris? Things go from bad to worse, when he begins asking invasive questions about sex, at dinner. Paige is so taken aback that she refuses to divulge certain information. This guy really is a piece of work. Ugh… I can’t stand men who get a taste of success and think every woman should eagerly drop their panties at first glance. I hate to say I don’t like someone so early on, but I really don’t like this guy. Is it obvious?

Paige has already won over Chris’ parents, especially his dad. Now, I see where Chris gets his misogynistic views from. When Paige asks for advice, his father basically tells her, his son needs to come home to an docile, sex fiend. Meanwhile, Chris isn’t winning any points with his wife’s friends.  He freely admits that Paige isn’t his normal type.  For good measure, he also throws in that she is possibly what he needs, but not what he would want. Has this guy looked in the mirror? He has a lot of nerve talking about a trophy wife.

Later in the evening, Chris continues to debase Paige by talking about her body to other men.  Frankly, I am disgusted with the experts and producers of this show for adding him to the Married at First Sight cast. Paige clearly came into this process with good intentions and she was matched with an asshole.


Haley & Jacob

Married At First Sight Recap- Nice To Marry You

Haley is taking in the notion of finally being a bride, after always being the bridesmaid. As the wedding draws closer, she is on the verge of freaking out. But she manages to pull it together with the help of her father and a shot. Jacob is stiff as a board. I don’t know if he is nervous or disappointed that the experts didn’t give him a wife with a larger nose, as he requested. Yes, you read that right, but he finds his new beautiful, nonetheless.

Things get even more awkward as Jacob remains stoic, as Haley smiles widely at the altar. But as nervous as he seems, he definitely wasn’t afraid to go straight in for a kiss. Haley quickly learns some interesting facts about her new stranger spouse. Apparently, he eats only steak and eggs, loves the 80s and fanny packs. I guess it’s a good sign that she hasn’t run in the other direction, yet.

Thank God Jacob has loosened up and is showing more of his personality, at the reception. Otherwise, I don’t think he would have been able to survive being grilled. Meanwhile, Haley seems comfortable talking to Jacob’s friends and family. I can tell she is trying not to judge him before giving their marriage aerial shot.

Briana & Vincent

 Married At First Sight Recap- Nice To Marry You

I really appreciate that Vincent sought out Briana’s father to ease his mind about his intentions with his daughter. Meanwhile, Briana is just excited that her husband is someone she actually likes and can see herself growing to love. They definitely have chemistry.  I look forward to seeing more of their story, as the season goes on. Everyone is great in the beginning. I need to see how things go once they are in the same household.

Virginia & Erik

Married At First Sight Recap- Nice To Marry You

I am having a very hard time figuring out why the hell Erik and Virginia were matched. They don’t seem to have anything in common. Erik easily works the room and tries to put his wife’s family at ease. Meanwhile, Virginia is warned that her husband is more of a homebody than her. As the night goes on Erik thinks his wife may really like him, I think she is just tipsy. I guess we will just have to continue to watch Married At First Sight to see how this relationship develops.


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