Married At First Sight Recap: Hello Stranger

After episodes of flowery introductions to the new cast, Married At First Sight is finally getting down to the nitty gritty. This week we get to witness the weddings of three of the couples and a teaser for a fourth. When one of the grooms’ first words are “oh shit” after seeing his bride from afar, it doesn’t bode well for a budding relationship.

Excitement is in the air and emotions run high as the wedding day jitters begins. One bride has a panic attack, before she walks down the aisle. The chemistry is immediate for some Married At First Sight participants. Others may be wondering if they made the right decision. From the looks of things, this season is definitely going to be interesting. Well, it’s too late to panic now. We the viewers have lives to judge a show to watch. Let’s get straight into the Married At First Sight recap!

Clara & Ryan

Married At First Sight Recap-: Hello Stranger

After being on the verge of an anxiety attack, before walking down the aisle, Clara is finally about to meet her stranger spouse. Ryan’s plan to wear blindfolds may have made sense in theory, but obviously he didn’t run that idea past a woman. His romantic gesture only added fuel to an already awkward fire. When they finally see one another, it is hard to know what they actually think. But the tension eases when the officiant describes their personalities. There isn’t a dry eye in the house as Ryan reads his vows. Although Clara’s vows aren’t as emotional, they are definitely filled with sincerity. She definitely isn’t shy; she goes right in for a kiss without hesitation when the time comes. On a side note, Ryan’s brother is cute! I might have left him in the audience, if I was meeting my stranger wife for the first time.

Once Ryan and Clara are married and alone for the first time, they spend time getting to know each other. The conversation is very natural and easy. Clara is so comfortable she reveals her biggest fear is that she will fall in love and he won’t love her back. So…I guess now wouldn’t be a good time to tell her that her new husband has never fallen in love with any woman.  Ugh… I can already see that this is going to be a problem later. Clara, although outgoing, seems like the type that needs validation. But on the bright side, it’s obvious she is all in on the experiment and her marriage.

During the reception, Clara’s insecurities begin to peek through her confident façade. She unloads all of her self-doubt onto Ryan during dinner. Girl, this man doesn’t care about your shoes, makeup and dress. He has already told you, you look nice, why share all these unnecessary details. This could be the result of nerves, but I believe she is just the type to tell you whatever she is thinking.

Virginia & Erik

Married At First Sight Recap-: Hello Stranger

Believe it or not, I am definitely interested in learning more about this couple. Just based on first impressions, these two seem very different. Erik is reserved and traditional, whereas Virginia is a party girl with abandonment issues. She is brought to tears when her dad, who made it clear he didn’t want to be involved, shows up to walk her down the aisle. Just as the doors are set to open, Virginia can’t stop crying. Somehow in a matter of minutes, she manages to go from crying uncontrollably to all smiles at the altar. Is it just me, or does she seem tipsy? In fairness, maybe she is always that bubbly, but right now, it seems like she had too much of it.

Once they are alone, Erik shares more details about his life, while Virginia reveals she packed a cooler full of alcohol for their hotel suite. SMH! Virginia, girl, you barely know this man and you already are telling him your plan for the wedding night is to get drunk. That 8 year age difference is definitely beginning to show. During the wedding photos, Virginia practically mauls Erik, to the point he had to tell her to slow down. She then continues to drink at the reception and her husband’s parents don’t look pleased. Whew, this is embarrassing. Did the experts vet this girl, at all? As the two get to know one another at the reception, Erik begins to realize some of his differences with his younger wife.


Briana & Vincent

Married At First Sight Recap-: Hello Stranger

Briana prepares to meet her soon to be husband by having a conversation with her mother about expectations. Meanwhile, Vincent says a prayer with his groomsmen, before heading to the altar. When they both see one another, there is an instant attraction. The officiant describes each of their personalities and Briana’s bossy nature is repeatedly mentioned. I’m not sure that was the best way to introduce one’s self to a stranger. Hopefully they both remain open minded and learn the art of compromise quickly. The wedding photo shoot makes their chemistry obvious. You almost forget that they just met. I am looking forward to both Briana and Vincent interacting with their spouse’s friends and family next week.


Paige & Chris

Married At First Sight Recap-: Hello Stranger

Married At First Sight Recap-: Hello Stranger

If I didn’t care for Chris before, I still don’t know. The day of the wedding, he talks a lot about sex and the importance of his wife’s looks. Even his parents make comments that their new daughter-in-law needs to be pretty and sane. Chemistry and attraction are definitely important in any relationship, but Chris just comes off as arrogant and superficial. Paige on the other hand seems fully invested into this process. When she receives an infinity necklace as a pre-wedding gift from Chris, she takes it as a sign they are meant to be. Insert side eye here. Once Chris sees Paige walking down the aisle, he whispers “oh, shit” under his breath. The Married At First Sight production team could be playing with our emotions with this cliffhanger, but we will have to wait until next week to know for sure.


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