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Bling Empire Stars Kevin Kreider And Kim Lee Say They Haven’t Kissed But They Talk Every Day

I’ve been busy telling you guys how Bling Empire on Netflix is my new obsession and I’m so sad it’s over. The one good thing about being able to binge a series from start to finish is all the post series interviews. And the cast from Bling Empire is delivering.

We already found out that Kelly Mi Li and toxic on-again off-again boyfriend Andrew Gray are back together. And pretty much everyone from the cast hates it. But while everyone was busy worrying about whether or not these two were making up or breaking up, we might have missed another romance going on.

It wasn’t until the very last episode that we saw some sparks between Kevin Kreider and DJ Kim Lee. No doubt they had a connection, with Kevin even helping Kim track down her birth father. But the two of them finally seemed to connect on a romantic level by the end of the show.

The pair is talking to Entertainment Tonight about where they stand now that the show is done. When asked whether or not they have kissed, Kevin decided to play it shy. He asked, “Have we, Kim?” Not sure how to answer, Kim finally managed that they “have not kissed yet.” Aha! “Yet” being the key word here.


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Kim also responded, “There’s definitely a lot of flirting going on. Kevin’s been calling me every single day.” It doesn’t sound like it’s a one-way street though. Kevin cheekily replied, “No! You’ve been calling me every day. She gets so upset if I don’t call or text her back right away.” He added about their playful relationship, “She’s like, ‘We’re breaking up. And I’m like, ‘We aren’t even together.'” This flirting during the interview is too cute.

For reference, the show ended filming in 2019, so some time has gone by. Obviously, the couple have some chemistry going on but I am wondering what is taking them so long to get together. If you remember, Kevin had a crush on Kelly and even tried to make his move on her when she was on a break with Andrew. Kim had no love interest on the show but is clearly successful and beautiful so I’m sure she has no shortage of suitors.


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Will we ever find out what is taking so long? Or are they just teasing it out for a season 2 maybe? Either way, I would love to see these two together. Preferably when I’m binging the next season.


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