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Bling Empire Season 3 Gets Official Premiere Date

It’s been a few months since season 2 of Bling Empire ended. But before it even finished airing, Netflix was hard at work filming season 3. So what can we expect?

As reported by E! News, season 3 will premiere on October 5th. And according to the teaser, Bling Empire is picking up right where it left off from season 2. Anna Shay will receive a “shocking visit from someone in the past,” which viewers noted was Andrew Gray. If you forgot all about Andrew, you were probably blocking him out. He’s the former boyfriend of cast member Kelly Mi Li, who had a hard enough time getting rid of him. The two dated on and off for 5 years but seemingly broke up for good in March of 2021.

Kane Lim, who spent last season being a pot-stirrer, “books a major fashion campaign and surprisingly starts a whole new career.” As for his one-time best friend, Kevin Kreider, he’s rekindling “an old romance.” After being hung up on Kim Lee, I can’t wait to find out who it is.

Naturally, the seasons long rivalry between Anna and Christine Chiu continues. The show’s description teases, “Nearly everyone gets pulled even deeper into the feud between Christine and Anna. How can they bring peace?”


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Photos from back in February showed Christine shopping for castle in France, bringing Kevin along with her. They also attended Paris Fashion Week together. Were they there to support Kane? And according to Christine, season 3 will be lighter than past seasons. She said back in May, “There’s so much more and there’s light at the end of the tunnel. There’s light in the form of international trips that are filled with heart and laughter and bling. It was a rocky period. Season 2 is a rocky period and we kind of get our footing back in Season 2. So, to be continued…”


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Last season’s newcomer Dorothy Wang had a much different take in February. She revealed, “All the drama that you see [in Season 2], it really continues to intensify and heat up. The feuds get feudier [sic] and there’s a lot of deep-rooted things that come out.” She added, “A lot of lines are drawn and a lot of friendships are ended.”


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