Dorothy Wang Confirms Another Season Of Bling Empire

Attention all Bling Empire fans – more is coming your way soon! Netflix just released season 2 on May 13th, but apparently we don’t have to wait long for season 3. And that’s just fine by me because I was pretty frustrated by some of the cliffhangers. I can’t be the only one.

Dorothy Wang, who joined the cast this season, revealed to Page Six that season 3 of Bling Empire has already been filmed. She stated, “It’s already locked and loaded. All the drama that you see [in Season 2], it really continues to intensify and heat up.” Dorothy added, “The feuds get feudier [sic] and there’s a lot of deep-rooted things that come out.” She went on, “A lot of lines are drawn and a lot of friendships are ended.” She also noted that the third installment will “probably” drop “at the end of the summer.” Which seems pretty quick given how long we had to wait in between seasons 1 and 2.

One of my biggest moments of annoyance came when the Jessey Lee cheating rumors went unresolved. Season 1 showed Cherie Chan proposing after she got sick of waiting. But this season, rumors swirled that Jessey was married with a whole family at the time that they got together. Nothing got leaked to Cherie and the story just kind of disappeared after Kane Lim lost his chance to tell her. The couple has since gotten married. But I’m hoping that somehow the storyline continues.

As for another loose end, we didn’t really get to see what happened between Kim Lee and Kevin Kreider. The two went back and forth on a possible romance. But it looked like things fizzled when Kim admitted on a lie detector test that she didn’t want to be with Kevin. Note to all you singles out there – it’s probably not a good idea to take lie detector tests before you have even kissed.

Either way, we did see that Dorothy ended up moving to New York but she’s still spending plenty of time on the West Coast. But is there a possible Bling Empire NYC spin-off in the works? Dorothy shared, “I feel like people would like that. I have a great, fun, diverse group of friends in New York. Everything’s like fast. Everyone is, like, kind of sassier. No one holds back.” According to Dorothy, her friends in New York “say it and go for the jugular” if they “feel some type of way.” In her opinion, people in LA are more “calculated and manipulative.”

Dorothy would know considering she’s not new to reality tv. The former Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star spent 4 seasons on the series. But jumping back in was a lot harder than she thought it would be. She explained, “When you’re on a show … things get a little bit more dramatic. You’re placed in situations you normally wouldn’t get placed in. It’s kind of your job to get fired up because you can’t really be boring. You have to have opinions.” Dorothy concluded, “And so that was one of my qualms or something that I was nervous about getting back into, because as outgoing as I am, I do kind of also do appreciate when things are peaceful.”


[Photo Credit: Arturo Holmes/WireImage]