Married At First Sight Recap- Romance or Regret

Before heading on their honeymoons in Vegas, the Married At First Sight  couples have to meet their in-laws individually. Some families definitely aren’t shy about dropping the tea on their loved ones. Things get even more interesting when one bride reveals her husband told her she isn’t his “typical” type. I’m sure you can easily guess which couple I’m talking about.

You have to be crazy, desperate or adventurous to sign up for Married At First Sight. I don’t think I could do it. It’s literally like playing rush and roulette with your life. Especially when every season there is at least one couple who is set up to fail. In this cast there are a few matches I question, but one groom is easily the worst. Let’s get straight into the Married At First Sight recap!

Virginia & Erik

Married At First Sight Recap- Romance or Regret

Now that Virginia and Erik are alone, she doesn’t waste any time letting him know she is attracted to him. He also shares her attraction, although he is more subtle about it. The next morning, Erik finally drops the bomb that he was previously married. But he tries to reassure her that she was his first wedding, if that is any consolation.

Erik meets with Virginia’s parents and immediately her dad shares that he wasn’t happy that she opted to get married to stranger. If Erik was planning on easing into things, that plan totally went out the window. Erik admits that he has been married before and fears another divorce. Virginia’s parents don’t hold back any punches when they reveal some of the things he should be aware of. Basically they let him know, she is in her 20’s, not in her 30’s, like him. Translation, she still likes to drink and party with her friends. Erik’s mom shares more about the life as a pilot’s wife with her new daughter-in law. But is shocked to learn that Virginia isn’t sure she wants kids, like her son.


Haley & Jacob

Married At First Sight Recap- Romance or Regret

Now that Haley and Jacob are tucked into their hotel room for the night, Jacob shares that he believes the experts did a great job. Haley seems to reserve her judgment, only stating that they did alright. The next morning, Haley meets with Jacob’s family and is nervous when she finds out that her new husband isn’t as social, as her. Meanwhile, Haley’s family seems a little unsure of what to think of Jacob’s quirky personality. But they do give him some advice on how to handle his new wife.

Clara & Ryan

Married At First Sight Recap- Romance or Regret

Clara and Ryan end their wedding night sharing their highlights from the day. The next morning, they both wake up and continue their quest to get to know one another. Clara is nervous to meet Ryan’s parents because they are both ministers and she isn’t very religious. But when she meets with his parents and brother, things go well. Although she isn’t what they expected, they believe in the will of God and will support Ryan through the process. Ryan meets with Clara’s parents and receives some sage advice about communication in a marriage. They also warn him they don’t believe in divorce. Well, let’s hope that is not her fate given that she married a stranger.

Paige & Chris

Married At First Sight Recap- Romance or Regret

In a post wedding interview, Paige has nothing but great things to say about Chris. She is completely unaware that her husband has told all of her bridesmaids and the cameras that he isn’t attracted to her. SMH… According to him, God has called him to this moment, so his attraction is slowly growing.  The next morning, Chris shows his true colors very quickly. He leaves the room telling Paige he is going downstairs to get them breakfast. When almost two hours go by and he still hasn’t returned, Paige calls him, only to get the voicemail. Insert side eye here. This guy literally gets worse every single week of Married At First Sight.

When Chris finally returns to the room, he acts like nothing ever happened until Paige confronts him. He then claims the reason he ditched her is because he had a panic attack. Insert side eye here. He couldn’t have sent her a text saying he needed time alone? When she tries to console him like the dutiful wife, he tells her he isn’t attracted to her.  Apparently, his lack of attraction is what caused his panic attack. Of course, Paige is confused, since they have had sex multiple times, including that morning. SMH! I feel so bad for her. But I’m shocked her friends didn’t tell her what he revealed to them at the reception. I would have told her that night! I am also surprised she didn’t take things a little slower, given some of the red flags he displayed.

Married At First Sight Recap- Romance or Regret

After being told that Chris isn’t attracted to her, Paige is forced to go and meet with his family. She openly shares her concerns about Chris’ mixed signals with the hopes of getting advice on how to move forward. Personally, I’m not sure how you move beyond that. Things go from bad to worse when his family tries to figure out a way to defend Chris, but empathize with Paige. Chris’ dad tells Paige, she may not be his son’s type, but she is his type for a daughter-in-law. Ummm…sir, that isn’t helping!

Chris’ family calls an emergency meeting to find out what the hell is going on. His father inquires why he would have sex with Paige twice, if he knew he wasn’t attracted to her. Chris claims he was only attempting to get closer to her. Afterwards, Chris has the nerve to be upset that Paige “told on him.”  What the hell did he expect? He literally dropped a bomb on her, before she had to meet with her stranger in-laws. When she returns, he confronts her about oversharing about their sex life and pretends to cry. This little weasel is a total manipulator.  Paige stands her ground and tells him “it seems like you have a lot of problems.” When it becomes clear that he is unwilling to understand her perspective, she walks away. Sigh! Did this guy take notes from all the most hated men in MAFS history?

Paige returns to the room and Chris apologizes for being an ass.  In turn, she admits that the fight made her want to check out, but she is committed to seeing things through. I’m sorry, but these two are doomed. I don’t care if Chris apologizes every day, there are too many red flags waving furiously in the wind. Married At First Sight should be extremely embarrassed that they cast this poor excuse for a man!

Briana & Vincent

 Married At First Sight Recap- Romance or Regret

Briana and Vincent have quickly become my season favorite couple from this season of Married At First Sight. Their chemistry is undeniable; it’s almost as if they didn’t just meet. Normally a situation like this would be extremely awkward, but these two make this experiment look effortless. Briana meets with Vincent’s family who are very open with her about who she has married. She finds out that work is major part of his life and she need to help him take time to relax. Meanwhile, Briana’s family learns that Vincent is very driven when it comes to his career. In fact, his last relationship, 2 years ago, didn’t work out because his ex, didn’t support his entrepreneurial spirit.

Sadly, as soon as they arrive at the hotel for their honeymoon, Vincent receives a call that his grandmother had a heart attack. Despite the situation, he is also concerned about ruining the honeymoon for Briana. But she reassures him she will support him no matter what. Aww… I love these two.  He could have easily shut her out when he was upset about his grandmother. Instead he decided to open up to his wife and she shared his burden.


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