Married At First Sight Recap: Home, Not Alone

Married At First Sight is finally at the point where things are starting to get real. I knew it wouldn’t be long before people’s true personalities would come out. But I don’t think I was expecting so many surprises on the first night living together. If Wednesday’s episode is any indication about the rest of the season, then there is so much more drama to come!

The couples return to Houston to start their newlywed lives, but it is a rough transition for some. The spouses are challenged by everyday life as they must all decide whether to fight for their marriages or run. Some may be willing to stick things out, but it may only be a matter of time before things come to a head. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Bao & Johnny

It’s the first night in their new apartment and Bao and Johnny are already having issues. When Bao decides she isn’t willing to honor her husband’s request of showering before bed, he wants space. He seems to be fed up with her negativity as well. Although, I don’t agree with him leaving at the first sign of trouble, I can understand his frustration. I am a generally happy person who focuses on solutions rather than the problem.  It would be hard for me to be married to a person who was the complete opposite. Don’t get me wrong, I think Bao can be charming and fun with the group, but she tends to focus on problems with her husband.

After spending the night by himself, Johnny returns to the apartment with Bao. During dinner, he explains he was feeling overwhelmed, but feels like he needs to compromise. I am very impressed that despite a difficult night, Bao tries to be understanding and give him time to figure things out.

Bao gives Johnny the grand tour of her house which is really nice and cozy. Johnny’s home is nice, but it is definitely a bachelor pad. It’s obvious they are both extremely particular about different things.  Later, Pastor Calvin Roberson comes to visit. Johnny drops a bomb when he is asked why he doesn’t initiate intimacy. He reveals that many times Bao expresses joy and makes advances towards him in a childlike manner, which turns him off.  Pastor Calvin challenges him to remind himself that despite those things, she is very much an adult. Sigh! That was rough. I can see how Bao would be offended, but I can also see how that could turn a person off. Damn, I was routing for them! Now, I am not sure if this is going to work. This relationship is going to require a lot more TLC than I originally thought.

Michaela & Zack

Zach has finally gotten clearance to be released from his hotel room after having Covid. He is now on his way back to Houston to be reunited with his wife, Michaela. When he surprises her at her apartment, she is elated. Things are going well, until she wakes up one morning to realize that Zach isn’t home and isn’t responding to her calls. She becomes so upset that she storms out of the apartment with all of her things. Wow! That went left pretty quickly.

When Michaela returns home, she is still extremely angry that Zach left without communicating anything to her. Apparently he never came to bed with her the night before and when he wasn’t there the next morning; she feels he was avoiding her. Zach tries to explain what happened, but isn’t able to say anything to make Michaela feel better. He is shocked by the way that she handling their first conflict, especially since they discussed how they argue. Michaela did the exact thing that she said she would never do, which is leave. I don’t believe Zach was up to anything nefarious, he just made a mistake. They need to learn how to communicate and set expectations.

Pastor Calvin literally walks in after they just had an argument. Michaela is on the defense and becomes emotional. She is having a hard time putting her faith into Zach after feeling abandoned by her father’s death. I am so glad this conversation took place while Pastor Calvin was there. He was able to lead them through a miscommunication and help them to work through their feelings. From what I can see, he is a good guy, she is going to have to learn to trust him.

Brett & Ryan

Brett gives Ryan the grand tour of her current apartment and things go well. He has already fallen in love with her dog and likes that her place is full of personality and color. When Brett visits Ryan’s home, I am pleasantly surprised. I don’t know what I was expecting, but he has a really nice house. Like Brett, I am not a fan of the deer head on his bedroom wall.

When Pastor Calvin comes to visit, Brett and Ryan both have great things to say about one another. She is genuinely surprised to hear all of the nice things her husband says about her. They both are at the point of liking each other, but things haven’t progressed to a more intimate level yet. I’m not quite sold on these two yet. Despite them getting along well so far, I don’t see any fireworks between them.

Rachel & Jose

Rachel finally gets a chance to see Mr. High Expectations aka Jose’s house. His house is nice, but it can definitely use a woman’s touch. Rachel freaks out when she sees his whiteboard in his office with his budget on full display. Jose hopes to have his wife on a similar budget very soon. When he visits Rachel’s home he can’t help but to start judging everything he sees. Sigh! I guess there is someone for everyone, but I don’t think I could deal with him.

Pastor Calvin comes to check in with Jose and Rachel. They both are very happy, until they begin talking about finances and budgeting. Pastor Calvin encourages them to learn to compromise. They both have strengths that will enhance each other’s lives, if they allow it. Rachel may have to kiss her annual vacations goodbye. I don’t see Jose giving up on his master plan of total financial freedom anytime soon.

Myrla & Gil

Myrla’s décor focuses on her favorite person, herself. She has numerous pictures of herself featured on her walls. Clearly the bulk of her money goes into her clothing and shoes. I have to admit, I was expecting more of a wow factor from her home. Myrla doesn’t hold back her contempt for Gil’s dog when she walks into his apartment. She clearly isn’t a dog person, but she could have been a little less disgusted.  I don’t know how this is going to work.

Pastor Calvin visits with Mryla and Gil to see how they feel about their marriage, at this point. Almost immediately her extravagant spending habits come up. She doesn’t seem to want to change from a single mindset to a married one. When the topic of intimacy is brought up, you can cut the tension with a knife. To date, Myrla and Gil haven’t even shared a kiss. Gil claims they are always holding hands and touching, but he hasn’t gotten past his wife’s cheek. Honestly, I find it hard to believe they are affectionate towards one another. Gil admits he would ask for a divorce, if they still haven’t kissed by decision day.


[Photo Credit: Lifetime]