Who’s In The Final 3 On Big Brother 23?

Whew. Watching The Cookout implode has been QUITE the treat. I’m still recovering from the Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddah evictions last week. Like am I really sitting here rooting for Derek Frazier? How did we get here?

Azah Awasum hasn’t done much during her stay in the Big Brother house. If anything, her association with Candiace Dillard Bassett is hindering my stan potential. I happen to find Xavier Prather haughty. Yes I used that odd and pretentious word. It suits the man. And then Kyland Young? Like, no. This guy was canoodling with bang-confused Sarah Beth Steagall and sniffing his own shoes on the reg? Erm.

So here we are. In a world where Big D is the deciding vote as to who should be in the BB final 3. Did he choose wisely? I would say yes. Kyland was truly unbearable rambling on the lives, the aired show, you name it. I just will never get over this dude thinking he’s crazy smooth while huffing tortillas and creating COMPLETELY unnecessary tension all over the place. Bye.

This guy really just tried to drag someones kid-nephew during his exit. What exactly was that meant to accomplish? But let’s rewind to Ky’s final plea. It started with, “Derek, I am so thankful first off for all of you.” What a way with words when addressing the single person who can send you home. The BB eviction ended with Derek sending Kyland out to his face, rather than in the secret vote room. Then Kyland straight up tried to drag Xavier’s nephew into things. Bro.

When leaving Kyland asked Xavier if there was any reason for his eviction. Xavier diplomatically replied, “The game.” Derek F explained his vote saying, “Kyland you know as a game point of view I can’t beat you, so I’d rather go against Azah, than you.” Despite already being on his way, Kyland tried to negotiate with the remaining houseguests by asking who Xavier’s nephew could look up to now. Lmao. Like….not you?

After Julie Chen legit YELLED at Kyland to exit the house before Xavier was forced to give some physical assistance, they had a nice little chat. Julie asked if Ky was shocked to be evicted. Kyland gave some pathetic non-answer and droned, “After the first week I made a very strong mental commitment to not let myself be shocked by anything.” So why are you bringing extended family children into things boo?

Julie continued the lord’s work by asking, “Before the Veto, Big D went to you about being good and it didn’t look like you were giving him any assurances.” Kyland came back saying, “Mostly for me it came down to how I wanted to play the game…which is more up front.” So you were evasive to be up front? Can anyone make this guy make sense for me?

That’s when Julie asked, “So are you saying that the final two agreement with Xavier was the one you meant to honor?” Kyland told her, “That was, because I thought we were both on board with the name.” Kyland also acknowledged, “Of course you can do anything you want in this game.” He talked about how he wanted the winner of this game to have won with honor. Did he not just come from a low down alliance where he played used a woman’s emotions to create a shield? Or?

In his goodbye messages Kyland’s memory was refreshed at last. Derek F told him, “Kyland, I am so sorry. I know we made a deal, but I had to break that, because when I asked you about the final two, you stuttered.” Xavier mentioned, “I hope you respect this decision from a game perspective.”

So there we have it. After calling Xavier a coward from his jury seat poor Kyland was left with nothing better to do than beg for a return slot on a future season. He announced that he had “found out” he’s pretty good at the game. Uh. Okay. Don’t forget it was all due to Tiffany’s plan, but alright. Will be interesting to see how this one votes on finale night at least!


[Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS]