Who Is The Winner Of Big Brother 23?

We all saw this coming, right? As soon as Tiffany Mitchell was voted out, we knew. And then, when Azah Awasum neglected to target the men when she was HOH for the final five, it was even more clear. But now, it’s official. Xavier Prather is the winner of Big Brother 23!

During the final eviction, Xavier voted to evict Azah, securing he and Derek Frazier’s seats in the final. In her exit interview Azah told Julie Chen that she was sad. She admitted that she knew she had entered the final three with a pair who had already made a final two deal. She said, “I know I put my entire best foot forward in this game. I did every single thing that I could, so, I don’t regret anything.” She really grew on me. But no time for that. We gotta get to the jury vote!

Kyland Young asked the first question in the Inquisition. He gave Xavier a hand up by asking what he thought jurors should consider when selecting who to vote for. Xavier basically had to say nothing other than, “Whoever you think played the best game.” LOL! Xavier then threw in a saccharine moment saying his biggest mistake was “getting too close” to his friends in the house. Alright. Enough of that.

During his questions Derek F took credit for starting The Cookout alliance and said he made his own decisions. Azah was notably upset and we love to see it. Big D also had to defend himself against being on the show to quench his thirst for attention. Then Sarah Beth Steagall asked him what he did to get to the final with his alliance…besides starting fights. It was so low-key amazing I missed his response through my cackle.

Side note: Did anyone see Kyland’s frozen grimace smile face listening to these final two responses? Is he okay? When this loser was given an opportunity to apologize for being a complete jackass to Xavier last week, he couldn’t do it. He claimed his statement about Xavier’s nephew possibly not having anyone to look up to, was objective. The fuq? And Kyland really thinks he’s going to be asked back for a return season? I can’t wait for the Twitter frenzy he’s going to stir up within seconds of having his non-contractual thumbs back to a phone screen.

Okay, onto the good stuff. In a unanimous vote, Xavier was cemented as the first Black winner of Big Brother! History has been made! And as a bonus? Tiffany won America’s Favorite Player! If you didn’t clock Xavier’s face when he saw the card before Julie read it, go back. It was priceless and I am so PROUD OF THESE TWO!

So that’s that on season 23! It looks like we’ll be back at it in February with Celebrity Big Brother!


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