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Nick Cannon Says Kim Kardashian Broke His Heart After Lying About Her Sex Tape With Ray J

Nick Cannon has had a busier year than most people. He’s juggling several TV shows, like his new talk show and The Masked Singer. In addition to his thriving career, in the last 12 months, he’s welcomed four babies into the world with three different women. After such a productive year, he’s decided to slow down a bit. In a recent interview on the Drink Champs podcast, he revealed that he’s currently celibate — he’s going to try to make that last to 2022. And as he abstains from sex for the next few months, he’s also reflecting on his past and the one that got away: Kim Kardashian.

Unless you have an encyclopedic knowledge of 2000s pop culture, you might have forgotten that Nick and Kim were ever an item. The two were hot and heavy back in 2006 before Kim was a household name. At that point, she was just Paris Hilton’s friend and closet organizer extraordinaire. Nick remarked on the podcast, “People didn’t know, they were like, ‘Who’s that chick with Nick? She’s bad.'”

At the time, Nick had high hopes that their relationship would flourish. On Drink Champs, he talked about how “amazing” of a person Kim is. He said things were “getting pretty serious,” and he was even hanging out with the family. “We were kids. We were young. I was really into her. I was vibing,” he recalled.

Kim described their romance a little bit differently. In a 2007 interview with Complex, she said, “We were never really…we were always friends. He was someone who I enjoyed spending my time with, but we were never really a couple. And I think it fizzled out way before that even happened.”


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Regardless, Nick clearly has fond memories of his time with Kim, but things changed in 2007 when the Ray J sex tape came out.

“She broke my heart,” Nick revealed. “Then, it started being these rumors going around that it was this tape. When I asked her about it, she denied it.”

Nick said he knew about her relationship with Ray J, but lying about the sex tape created some serious friction. The footage was old, but the timing of it all was confusing for everyone.

He explained, “But I think that tape was an older tape, but it looks to the public [like] it was Nick, and then it was the tape.” He continued, “I just knew at that time, all my team was like, ‘Abort mission.'”

So, alas, the 2000s “it couple” was no more. Kim went on to become a global superstar, and as we know, Nick moved on and started several families. And although he’s reflecting on decades-old heartbreak, there are no hard feelings between these two.


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