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Tiger King Star Carole Baskin Says She Joined A “Secret Support Group” For “Traumatized Celebrities”

I think we can all agree that Netflix’s Tiger King was quite the phenomenon. So much so that season 2 is currently streaming. The first season was supposed to primarily revolve around the misdeeds of Joe Exotic and his big cat business. But someone else ended up taking all the heat. That someone was Carole Baskin. Carole, who ran a big cat rescue, was stalked and harassed by Joe Exotic for years. Ultimately, he was convicted of trying to get her killed.

But part of the reason that Carole received so much ire was due to Joe Exotic’s accusations. The documentary showed his incessant pushing of the narrative that she killed her former husband. Online sleuths and rabid fans dug in deep and focused on Carole as the real villain of the show. So Carole had to find a way to cope.

As reported by Page Six, Carole recently appeared on the podcast “Hollywood Raw with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn.” She candidly shared how she got through it all. According to Carole, “Somebody reached out to me and said, ‘I have this group of celebrities and we meet, or before COVID, we would meet.’ I forget what day it was [that they met each week], but they would meet once a week and they’d all get together and they’d talk about what it was like to live their lives.”

She added, “And I can see why now, why celebrities run around in dark glasses and scarves and ducking like they’re running from the law from one place to another because it’s just… it’s overwhelming to just be constantly surrounded by people.” Carole wouldn’t reveal who the other celebrity members are but she said there were 21 or 22 members. She explained,“It gave them a place where they could talk to each other.”


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Carole said that the celebrity who invited her in told her, “You have no idea what the press is going to do to you. They’re going to be horrible to you. The [people in the group] have already lived through what you’re about to endure and they want you to come onto our Zoom meetings.” That same celebrity told her that she group wanted her to join “so that they can just let you know that they’ve got your back and that you’re going to live through it. You need to live through it because it’s going to be a nightmare.”

Carole admitted, “I was just amazed to be in a group of people who were so well known and who were so loving. Every one of them, with one exception, was just…They couldn’t have been nicer and more helpful.” The group suggested that she should avoid reading news stories and online comments about herself. She agreed, “It was really good advice, and I can’t thank them enough for coming out so quickly to try and help me through that.”

Now that season 2 is out, sounds like Carole is going to need this group more than ever.


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