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Tiger King Star Carole Baskin’s Late Husband’s Will Was Forged; His Daughters Want To Take Legal Action

Remember when Tiger King was the wildest thing we were seeing on TV? Yeah, simpler times. But this cast of characters isn’t done yet. While Joe Exotic himself if wasting away in a jail cell, begging for a Presidential pardon, Carole Baskin has been in the news herself.

Despite recently being awarded control of Joe’s beloved zoo, Carole has long been dodging stories about her late husband, Don Lewis. She refused to take a polygraph about his disappearance, casting more doubts. Don’s lawyer even said he wants to talk to the cops about her involvement. Even OJ Simpson says Carole killed her husband. I think it’s fair to say if OJ thinks you’re guilty, you have a problem on your hands.

But Carole doesn’t just have herself a PR problem, she actually has people coming after her. And those people are Don’s daughters. After the bombshell report that the Hillsborough County Sheriff determined Don’s will was forged, it’s time that Carole starts answering some questions.

Don’s daughter, Donna Pettis, tells TMZ that she and her sisters knew the will was forged back in 1997. Donna says a professional determined it back then but Carole had her own analyst to refute those claims. That resulted in a judge signing off and Donna said they didn’t have the money at the time to fight it.


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Since that sign-off, 4 other experts have had their crack at the will to see if it was forged. Each concluded that it was but since there is a statute of limitations, we aren’t sure if anything can be done about it.

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