Tiger King Star Doc Antle Thinks Carole Baskin Killed Her Husband Don Lewis

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! We are back with another Tiger King story. Despite Joe Exotic being the intended train wreck star of the show, one thing people can’t stop talking about is whether or not Carole Baskin killed her husband, Don Lewis. Is there anyone out there who has watched that doesn’t think Carole killed her husband? Anyone? Show yourselves now!

Well, I know the people who DO think Carole killed him and I am one of them. The others are Joe and his whole team of merry maniacs (obviously). Also Jeff Lowe and his crew. Don’s old attorney/friend, Joe Fritz, even suspects foul play and wants the cops to come over for a beer to discuss it. Then there’s Don’s family and former assistant, Anne McQueen. Hell, even O.J. Simpson got on the Carole Killed Him Train.

One more person is now speaking out and accusing Carole of killing Don. Doc Antle, owner of the Myrtle Beach, SC animal park featured in Tiger King, believes that Carole is guilty too. He recently told Entertainment Tonight, “If you look at the series, Carole killed her husband.”

It’s safe to say that Doc is quite the character, riding around the suburbs on an elephant. Don’t forget he’s possibly running what some people believe is a harem inside his animal park. Doc also has many delusions of grandeur, overestimating his sex appeal and referring to his park as the “Ritz-Carlton of big cats”. The only redeeming quality he has in my book is his work with Queen Britney Spears. So I guess I wonder how plausible his conspiracy theories could be. But he’s not the only one out here suggesting Carole is a murderer. 


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He continues about Carole“I don’t know how she did it. I only have the evidence of the show, which seemed to produce a preponderance of ideas that convinced me that that’s probably what happened.” Where is he getting these theories? He’s working off what filmmakers showed in the series, which had a whole episode devoted to Carole’s story.

Doc says,“I had never heard so much of the detail. The story’s been around forever, everyone says that and always has, but never got to be so uncovered. It’s probably the only good thing that [filmmaker] Eric Goode did is that he uncovered more of that story, interviewed more people, and got it to congeal into one space where evidence appears to be so much of a preponderance of truth that something fiendish went along while Carole killed her husband.”


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For her part, Carole has vehemently denied any wrongdoing in Don’s disappearance. But Doc, and what seems like the rest of the world, isn’t buying it.


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[Photo Credit: Netflix]