Selling Sunset Star Heather El Moussa Says She Didn’t Invite Christine Quinn To Her Wedding Because She’s “Disrespectful”

Heather Rae Young, now known as Heather El Moussa, is butting heads with Selling Sunset’s main villain, Christine Quinn. Heather, who has otherwise been flitting around gushing about her wedding to Tarek El Moussa, is not happy about Christine’s behavior on camera. Heather would love for viewers to spare a single scrap of interest for her otherwise unremarkable relationship. Too bad most just don’t. This is why we *need* someone like Christine around to spill the off-camera tea.

Season four of Selling Sunset was just released on Netflix. Within a few episodes Christine and newbie Emma Hernan clash over their mutual history of dating a mystery man. At the same time no less! Later, Christine reveals that Heather also dated this same person!

“Christine decided to share my personal business, which has nothing to do with her and me,” Heather told Page Six. “I think it’s disrespectful to do to someone and uncalled for, and, like I said, it’s so irrelevant in my life.” As if any of this is relevant to Christine’s life either? It’s a show.  Pretty sure no one is tuning in for a saccharine Flip or Flop marriage edition storyline.


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Heather added, “At the time I was getting married, so I just think she did something very disrespectful.” She claims that she’s tried to remain “neutral” on Christine. Even when it comes to her clashes with other co-stars. In the end, Heather admitted she became “sick of it” because she felt it was “just one thing after another” with Christine and the rest of the women.

“I had to kind of cut her out because at some point all this negativity and toxicity, it’s just not healthy,” Heather said. “So I’m in the most amazing place in my life that I’ve ever been, and I only want people that are going to be positive and uplifting and support me.” Famous last words from a reality star!

In the end, even Heather had to admit that Christine is “great on TV.” She relented, “I think she has a big personality and I — like I’ve said it to her before — she is funny, she’s witty, she’s an intelligent woman and she’s great on camera.” Later Heather added, “But when you hit below the belt to people that are your friends, that’s when I can’t agree with it anymore.” Maybe HGTV is more Heather’s pace.


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[Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for JBL]