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Heather Rae Young Invited All Selling Sunset Stars To Wedding Except Christine Quinn

Let’s face it, love it or hate it, Selling Sunset was the breakthrough reality hit of 2020. Season 2 hit Netflix right at the height of the pandemic, with Season 3 following closely on its heels. It was the perfect binge worthy mindless distraction we didn’t know we needed. Focusing on the ultra glamorous luxury real estate firm, The Oppenheim Group, it flaunted both the beautiful woman who worked there, the fashions that wore them, and the drama between them.

Very early on Christine Quinn was established as the main antagonist, promoting her own personal agenda and often pitting herself against the other agents within her own firm to do so. Not only that, but she seemed to relish the conflict she wrought. Reality TV gold. Now, that conflict has trickled off the small screen and smack in to the real world wedding of co-star Heather Rae Young and her fiancé, Tarek El Moussa, to which Christine is definitely not invited to.

We were introduced to Tarek as Heather’s new special someone during the second season of Selling Sunset (a special someone she met while yacht hoping on the 4th of July, I might add). Tarek is no stranger to reality tv, having filmed the fixer-upper show Flip or Flop for years with his wife, and now ex, Christina Anstead, who will also not be receiving a wedding invite. (Also, can we pause for just a moment to notice that Tarek clearly has a type). Heather quickly took to the role of stepmom to be, and the two seemed to be a rather solid pair. In fact the most climactic event in their relationship seemed to be the uncomfortably worded and ill placed “Yes Sir Mr. El Moussa,’ tattoo on Heather’s backside. Not my first choice of a Valentine’s Day present, but beggars, choosers…

Christine, however, had an entirely different reaction to the couple. According to Us Weekly, in 2020, Christine snidely remarked to Page Six that, “It’s really funny to see Heather’s relationship play out because her and her boyfriend have such an interesting dynamic. I call them ‘Speidi’ all the time because it’s like articles all the time about baking cookies, you know, watching movies. It’s ridiculous, so you know, you’re going to see the girls and I just get so tired of it [on the show].” Speidi of course referring to the highly controversial and extremely publicity forward married couple of The Hills fame and currently airing on The Hills New Beginnings, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.


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Tarek was none to thrilled about Christine using his relationship to further her drama. He told Dear Media’s Not Skinny But Not Fat in response that, “She said some s–tty things about us. … We’re not really interested in dealing with her nonsense.”

And from there the divide between the two co-stars just seemed to get wider. While Heather was invited to the wedding of Christine and now husband Christian Richard we can assume that had more to do with filling drama, than personal choice. Christine was noticeably absent from Heather’s bridal shower this past August, due to the couple’s desire to limit invitees to their closest friends and family. Heather explained to Us, “Christine and I have not had a close friendship for over a year now. We congratulate each other for special moments or we’ve sent a few nice texts back and forth. I’ve [also] obviously seen her a couple times in the office, here and there. But as far as a friendship, it’s just not there right now.”

Heather went on to say, “I’m very close with all the other girls and there’s no animosity. I [have] no ill will for her. I’m so happy that she has a baby and her amazing husband, [Christian Richard], and her beautiful family. So I just want the best for her. I want happiness and that’s it. I just want to work together and have no negativity.”


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However, even without animosity, there will be no Christine in attendance at the Young – El Moussa wedding. While Heather’s other Selling Sunset costars will be in attendance, she clearly has no problem limiting her guest list.

When asked about who was attending, Heather candidly told Entertainment Tonight, “Well, they’re all invited except for one person. I think you guys can imagine who is not invited. But everyone is a part of it and they were all at my bridal shower. We had a beautiful day, and they’re all gonna be at the bachelor/bachelorette party too, and the wedding.” Everyone, that is anyone, that is. Way to subtlety throw some shade back at Christine. Nicely done Heather- I for one am totally here for it.


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