Real Housewives of Miami Julia Lemigova and Martina Navratilova

Real Housewives Of Miami Star Julia Lemigova Discusses Being The First LGBTQ+ Housewife Ever Cast

Real Housewives of Miami is finally back after an 8 year hiatus and fans of the franchise are rejoicing. I personally loved this show and was pretty bummed when it unceremoniously went off air. But it looks like we are in for one hell of a return for season 4, given the trailer full of drama and the first two episodes that have dropped.

To make things even more exciting, RHOM has cast it’s first ever LGBTQ+ housewife! Now before you get mad at me, it’s important to note that Braunwyn Windham-Burke was not out when she was cast on Real Housewives of Orange County. Anyway, back to the story. Meet your new RHOM housewife, Julia Lemigova. She’s a beauty queen, mom, and just so happens to me married to tennis legend, Martina Navratilova.

Julia recently spoke with E! News about her joining the cast as the first ever same-sex couple. Julia explained how she joined the show. She said, “My dear friend Adriana [De Moura] introduced me to the group and I’m so glad she did. I couldn’t believe it at first that I’m actually going to be doing something like that and when it became real it was just this overwhelming, exciting, happy feeling to emerge myself in a completely new adventure and universe.”

As for how she met her wife, Julia revealed, “We met for the really, really first time in 2000. But then our lives kind of drifted apart and we didn’t see each other for eight years until Paris”. Then “exactly eight years later we bumped into each other [during a tennis tournament].” She continued, “I already had my two little daughters and I asked Martina ‘would you like to have a breakfast?’ eight years later and she said ‘I sure would.’ So we have a breakfast and then the next day we had another breakfast and the third day we had another breakfast and we never separated since. We’ve been together now since 2008.”


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Julia also shares how Martina reacted to her joining the cast of RHOM. Martina said, “‘Are you serious?'” Julia continued, “And then I think the expression on her face say, ‘OK, OK, if you’re game, I’m game.’ She’s very sweet. She’s very supportive of me and that’s what makes us a really strong couple. We have a lot of sense of humor and even something unusual like me wanting to be on the show—normally I’m a more private person—she just thought it would make me happy and said, ‘Go for it girl.'”

When it comes to being the first LGBTQ+ cast member, Julia said, “I first want to say it’s about time! I’m so grateful to Peacock and The Real Housewives of Miami for allowing me to show my family life. I want to normalize how we live and show that love has no gender. We are a very loving family with big and unique personalities.” She added, “I cannot wait to show the world that a same-sex marriage is just like any other marriage. We will share our joy, fun and our daily life. I really want to express this to people who don’t understand that love has no gender and I’m forever grateful for The Real Housewives of Miami for giving me this opportunity to shine the light on our life.”


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But Julia seems like a laid back and down to earth housewife. During the season, you will see her keeping “very busy” on her family farm. Julia divulged, “We have lots of chickens, ducks, geese, quail, doves, cats, parrots, tortoises and two, maybe three, pregnant goats, a couple of donkeys on the way and god knows what else. I also grow fruits and vegetables there.”

That laid back persona will play out for the camera too. Julia shared, “Truly I’m friendly with all of the ladies. Adriana, she is my longtime friend that I love and adore and during filming. I also got close with Nicole [Martin] and Guerdy [Abraira]. But all the ladies are so much fun and have amazing personalities.”


[Photo Credit: John Lamparski/Getty Images]