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Adriana De Moura Slams Larsa Pippen As “Opportunistic” And “Not Genuine”

Real Housewives of Miami is back on Peacock, baby! Even more, the season four cast includes Larsa Pippen. While I fully understand that Larsa is not *exactly* a fan favorite, I just can’t stop being enamored by what she brings. She left after season one following a move with her then husband, Scottie Pippen, to Chicago. After doing a recent rewatch to prepare for the newest season, I can appreciate the camp and entitlement Larsa serves. We need a harmless villain. And what do we expect of our Housewives, anyways?

Of course, we all know back in the day Larsa ended up moving to LA and befriending Kim Kardashian and her crew. Despite being an outcast now, I think we can expect some bitter dynamics between Larsa and the other RHOM women for her decisions. Adriana De Moura has wasted almost no time getting her digs in.

In a recent interview with YahooAdriana gave viewers some insight into her evolving dynamic with Larsa. She explained, “My friendship with Larsa started on Season 1, and it was OK, but it was never great. There were moments where we weren’t on the same side. But, later on, I let go, and we ran into each other and said, ‘Hey! All good! No grudges.’ It was fine, but then she left — she went to L.A. and stayed there for 10 years.” Basically, these two were amicable, but not tight.


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Season one of RHOM for Adriana was focused heavily on her relationship with Frederic Marq. She also caught a lot of heat with the other women for being consistently flirtatious in her spare time. Joanna Krupa in particular, comes to mind. As we start dipping our toes into season four of the show, it sounds like the dynamics have changed quite a bit. I guess it has been nearly a decade…

[Larsa] came back, and I was trying to be open and supportive and welcome her back to the group and welcome her back to Miami,” Adriana insists. “I was doing my best, but eventually, her attitude starts to get to me and rub me the wrong way. I want to be embracing of her, but I can’t stand for certain attitudes and disrespect and certain things that don’t sit well with me … It was a little surprising to me, and as the season progresses, you’ll see my explanation of what I really thought about it.” Can’t wait!

Adriana then teased, “I do explain my real take on that. I wasn’t buying it. I think there’s more to that story that revealed itself through the season, but I didn’t always think that that was a very genuine and opportunistic friendship.” Can’t wait to watch this unfold!


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