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The Challenge Star CT Tamburello Denies Splitting From Wife Lili Solares

CT Tamburello has come a long way from causing trouble. He used to be front and center when it came to drama on The Challenge. But for many seasons now, he’s done his best to stay out of the fray. And it’s worked for him – he’s won 5 challenges.

Unfortunately, CT has still managed to find himself in a tough spot – this time with his wife, Lili Solares. As reported by Us Weekly, CT had to clear some things up. He took to social media to deny the rumors that he and Lili were splitting up. In an Instagram video, CT explained, “Hey guys, quick PSA about my post from last night, I love my wife, we’re not breaking up. I’m sorry if I misled some of you into believing that we were breaking up, that was not my intention.”

He continued, “I’m away filming and we were in between scenes, I was listening to some music and I like that song, I like that remix, so I figured I’d post it why now and didn’t think anything of it.” CT admitted that led to him waking up “in the dog house” with his wife. He added that he understood Lili’s point of view, having to see the online speculation.

He said, “People have got to chill, I’m usually pretty private with social media for this exact reason but I wanted to come on and address this because I do think it was important enough to address.” CT reiterated, “I love my wife, I love my family and we are not breaking up.”


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CT has previously gushed about Lili, “One of things I love about Lili is she doesn’t want the attention, it’s just about me and her. I appreciate that because I’ve been doing this for so long I have a different appreciation for privacy. Her and CJ [their son], they’re like my sanctuary in my own little world. But moving forward, I’m so proud of these times of my life I want to share them with everybody. And Lili wants to come out of hiding, too.”

That doesn’t mean the couple haven’t had their ups and downs though. In December of 2020, CT announced that they separated. But only three short months later, the couple posted pictures of themselves on vacation in Puerto Rico, hinting that they had reconciled.


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