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The Challenge Star CT Tamburello Lands An Acting Role In A Feature Film

Tried and true. If you’re a Challenge viewer then you are almost assuredly a Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello fan. CT has come back season after season to compete on the MTV show The Challenge. He’s now serving grandpa elf energy on the side with an ample does of Thor during competition. CT is aging like a fine wine. Something that’s difficult to do on a show where contestants compete to win money by engaging in incredibly demanding physical and mental challenges. The show includes daily comps like dangling from helicopters over water, pole wrestling, climbing mountains in hazardous terrain, eating animal innards, and sometimes a puzzle or two. There’s also a hefty social game to consider.

The Challenge is currently airing its 37th season that was filmed in Croatia. Directly after his time on the show it seems CT got right into his next gig. And this time it wasn’t yet another season of The Challenge. Not only has CT landed himself a movie role, but he is involved in yet another dangerous competition. Deadline is reporting that CT is set to star in Justin Lee’s film rendition of the well-known book, ‘The Most Dangerous Game.’ Be still my heart!


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The film is based on the classic short story written in 1924. Fun fact; There was also an original film released in 1932! This time around the plot it is given an added twist of a father-son washing ashore to the Baron Von Wolf island. For anyone who missed out on high school English, this story is the original “man hunting man” plot. After men find refuge on a trap island, they are made to play a violent version of hide-and-seek. All for the twisted host’s entertainment.

Aside from CT, viewers can expect to see Tom Berenger, who is best known for his roles in Platoon, The Big Chill, Major League and Inception. Other stars include Elissa Dowling, Kevin Porter, Eddie Finlay and Randy Charach.

When director Justin Lee was asked about the cast he said, “I am beyond humbled to have such an amazing cast on this project and even more thankful that I get to shoot it in such a gorgeous location that I grew up in. What [CT] has brought to the table in the role of Sanger is beyond exceptional and I am very excited for the world to get to see what he is capable of as an actor.” Looks like we may be missing CT in season 38 of The Challenge! Onwards and upwards!


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[Photo Credit: Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV]