Mary Fitzgerald Says Jason Oppenheim Is Still “Madly In Love With” Chrishell Stause After Their Split

Can we just get to Season 5 of Selling Sunset already? Enough with the off-season drama, I’m ready to see it all play out on the small screen. And most specifically? The now-doomed relationship between boss and agent favoriting extraordinaire Jason Oppenheim and newest employee girlfriend, Chrishell Stause.

The high-end luxury office saw several changes during Season 4. Queen B Christine Quinn had a baby and took time (albeit limited) away from the office. Ex-employee Emma Hernan returned to the office to replace her. Bringing with her a messy love quadrilateral in the form of a shared ex with both Christine and Heather Rae El Moussa. Oh, and Vanessa Villela joined the cast too. Mostly to stir the pot.

That’s great and all. But let’s get to the good stuff. According to Jason, ex- girlfriend and current employee, Mary Fitzgerald helped him and Chrishell to hide their relationship in the beginning. I’m all for the subterfuge, but alas, since then the couple has announced both their togetherness and their separation.

Since the split, the exes have had nothing but kind words for one another. Even among varied reports of exactly why that split happened. Now Mary has come forward with husband Romain Bonnet to discuss all things Jason and Chrishell exclusively with Us WeeklyThe husband-and-wife duo, who of course famously co-parent their dogs with Jason, have to be privy to inside information. Right?

Yet both Mary and Romain were shocked by the split. ” I was surprised,” said Mary. “Jason is still ‘madly in love’ with [Chrishelle]. It’s sad because I love them together.”


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While Chrishell and Jason have both been candid about still loving one another, they have cited separate feelings about starting a family as the reason for their separation. This came as no surprise to Mary.

“I know that [Jason] was going back and forth because kids — to him — that’s something, I mean, he’s never wanted. I think he was trying to make sure, like, that [he had] an option if he was able to get himself on board with it. … [But] he just realized it’s not for him.”

Mary also intimated that Jason had started to consider starting a family with Chrishell, because of his deep feelings for her, which was something he had not been previously open to. Girl should know. They were together for years.

Romain agreed, stating, “He loved [Chrishell] so much. … I think that, in his head, it was like, ‘Yeah, I think I could [have kids] because of the way I feel [about her].'”


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Ultimately, Jason was unable to get on board with Chrishell‘s timeline. Men. They have the luxury of time. You can’t fault Chrishell for holding strong. She’s long been vocal on Selling Sunset about her desire to start a family.

Mary went on to say that while Jason had considered the idea, that “I think, at the end of the day, he didn’t feel it was right. But they’re mutually OK with it. They’re still really good friends. And I think they would wish it would’ve worked out because they both love each other very, very much, but they just want different things as far as a family life.”

She said, He never misled her, like, ‘OK, this is definitely happening. But they were putting it in place, and he was on board because, you know, of age. There’s a time limit on how long she’s got. … He’s not going to be ready in her timeframe. He wishes he could though.”


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The exes split amicably, but I can’t help but wonder what will happen when Jason starts dating a new agent woman? Now that the firm is opening a new office in Orange County, he’s got a whole new slew of agents to choose from.

As for Chrishell‘s future plans? Well, she’s got eggs on ice, and she definitely doesn’t need a man to do that.


[Photo Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter]