Noella Bergener Thinks Heather Dubrow Perceives Her As A “Threat”

The latest episode of Real Housewives of Orange County showed us exactly why newbie Noella Bergener can’t hold her own. When veteran Heather Dubrow came after her for giving her daughter “pornography,” Noella crumbled under the pressure. She could have stated the obvious – that it was unintentional and she didn’t know how dirty the cards were. Instead she sort of stumbled through some weird excuse about an Amazon search.

And ultimately accused Heather of having “straight fragility.” Not even her fellow castmates could get Noella back on track with what she easily could have cleared up. Eventually, she did issue a half assed apology. But she couldn’t help make a final dig at Heather, with a snide dismissal to signal they are done.

Noella recently spoke with Page Six about the feud and what she was thinking. As for the Pride-themed cards that were inappropriate for a minor, Noella was more than put off. She explained, “Me going out of my way as a bi woman to give a bi girl [Max Dubrow] — who celebrates her sexuality in a very beautiful way, as do I — I didn’t think that that could ever be twisted into something that’s pretty disgusting and pretty gross and pretty dark.”

I do agree that Heather could have just given Noella the benefit of the doubt on this one. Instead, Heather went around behind her back and made Noella out to be some kind of inconsiderate pervert. Noella added of the argument, “Leave it to Heather to take this magnificent moment of celebration and turn it into something that just makes my skin crawl.”


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Noella readily admits that she didn’t connect with Heather. She said, “The only person I never had that deeper level of connection with was Heather.” But she seems to think there is a bigger reason why Heather isn’t cool with her. She surmised, “I get that she perceives me as a threat and wants to keep me at arm’s length because I’m being honest.” Whew, the delusion.

But the lack of friendship is apparently a surprise to Noella, who readily admits that she is fan of the show. She confessed, “As somebody who’s watched the show, I always thought that she was phenomenal. I had no clue that we’d be bumping heads. That was nothing I wanted. I was very happy to just be in her presence.” Noella added, “When I found out that [Heather] was putting on a facade and I went deeper, it was like, ‘Oh s—t.’ [It was a] never-meet-your-heroes kind of thing.”

Either way, Noella is still hoping to keep her orange she can be friends with Heather one day. She concluded, “I’m hopeful. I think that everyone’s capable of change and growth. That’s what we’re here on this planet to do and I will never say never. I’ve forgiven far worse. So, yeah, if she’s game, then I’m game. But it’s hard because so much has happened and honestly, I do feel like the injured party in it.”


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]