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Real Housewives Of Miami Recap: Kim Kardashian’s Minion

Kanye West’s penis being the thing to cause Larsa Pippen & Adriana de Moura to fallout was NOT expected. This Real Housewives of Miami reboot is everything, and then some. These ladies are working to keep their show on the air. Bringing this series back was absolutely the correct call by Peacock because they’re killing it. Bravo!

It’s odd seeing Marysol Patton get solo scenes since she’s not a full-time cast member. I know she’s just setting up the scene to plan Alexia Echevarria’s bachelorette party. Marysol’s the most fun she’s ever been on this show, so it shouldn’t disappoint. She deserves to be a main cast member next season.

Marysol enlists Kiki Barth & Adriana to help in the planning. Kiki suggests having a giant penis pinata for the event. There’s so much penis talk in the group lately. It’s hilarious though.

Adriana dishes on Nicole Martin’s belief that Marysol’s Hamptons attack was premeditated. It was. There’s no way Marysol suddenly had a genuine issue with Nicole. The entire thing appeared to be a direct response because of Nicole calling out Alexia. Be honest.

Adriana wants Nicole & Marysol to sit down and hash out their issues before the party. While I do think Nicole said everything she was accused of, I also think Marysol didn’t need to start the issue. She held this info until it best suited her to reveal it. That’s shady as hell.

Nicole Martin Real Housewives Of Miami

Nicole & Lisa Hochstein meet up, and Nicole tells her the story of her recent lunch with her dad. What should’ve been the start of a renewed relationship turned out to be a disaster. Her father showed up seemingly intoxicated which rubbed Nicole the wrong way.

Lisa relates to Nicole because of her issues with her father. She’s in a similar position and can’t even imagine if things went the same. My heart breaks for Nicole because I know what it’s like to reconnect with your father and have it fail. It’s the worst. A child should never have to chase their parent for a relationship with them.

Nicole doesn’t ever want to speak to Marysol again. She finds her to be a vindictive and bad person. She’s irrelevant in her eyes. Lisa’s trying to make things right, but Marysol’s dead to Nicole. Wow, this is cutting deeper than it should. Nothing Marysol said was that dark for Nicole to be through already. I’m sure things can be worked out of they have a genuine conversation about it.

Thankfully, Guerdy Abraira finally found a wedding venue for Alexia. After so many venues fell through, this is much needed. I have to say that for someone who touts her wedding planning skills, Guerdy’s dropped the ball so many times. She believes her hype. I don’t think she’s as good as she wants all of us to believe.

The food tasting for the wedding gives me massive FOMO. Everything looks delicious, and I wish I was in attendance. I still can’t get over how rich these Miami women are. The aesthetic is EVERYTHING.

Julia Lemigova Real Housewives Of Miami

Julia Lemigova & Adriana’s friendship is strange, but if they’re happy, I’m happy. Julia’s daughter is leaving, so she’s finally an empty nester. Unfortunately, in her case, it’s happening two years early. It’s an emotionally taxing time for Julia.

Adriana says Julia can count on friends during this difficult time. In her confessional Audriana discusses how thankful she is for Julia as a friend. She’s always alone. Her married ended in shambles. Her son is away at college. She has nobody to rely on, so her closeness with Julia means more.

It starts pouring outside, and Adriana starts tearfully expressing how Julia makes her a better person. These two have so many near romantic moments. It’s confusing to watch at times, but they have electric chemistry.

Larsa goes on a house tour, and it’s spectacular. Once again, the wealth in Miami is shining through. I’m convinced these women are far richer than those in Beverly Hills. Everything about this house is outstanding. The view of the water is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

The clock’s ticking for Larsa because she has less than two months to get out of her old house. If she doesn’t find one soon, she might run into a problem. She doesn’t have time to be picky. Find something temporary for now, and then if it doesn’t work, look for something else.

Marysol Patton Real Housewives Of Miami

Alexia’s happy the family had their blowout fight because ultimately it made things better. It was nasty and horrific at the moment, but it was for the best. They realized they need to get actual help with her youngest son. Moving forward, he needs far more specialized attention than he’s currently getting.

Peter Rosello denies his mom’s assertion that he needs actual therapy. She’s trying to get him to see the light, so he can get the help he might need. The only person he’s comfortable speaking to is his grandmother. With her condition deteriorating, that might not work for much longer.

Marysol’s got so much planned for Alexia’s bachelorette party. The giant penis pinata is enough to get anyone excited for them even though. It’s HUGE. The theme of the party is Versace which everyone has to wear. This group shouldn’t have a problem affording the dress code. They’re oozing coins from their pores.

I gasped when I finally realized they’re having this in the actual Versace mansion! How mind-blowing is that? Not many people can say they party it up in there. Super cool! My FOMO when it comes to these women continues!

Larsa feels like she has to be on guard with Adriana. She doesn’t think she’s emotionally stable with her moods. This feud when from zero to one hundred so fast.

Nicole doesn’t want to speak to Marysol. The cattiness and rudeness are too much for her to want to be around her. However, with a tight circle of people at the party that might not be possible.

Adriana De Moura Real Housewives Of Miami

Alexia announces her mother was admitted to the hospital with COVID-19. At this point, she’s on the fence about whether to not to go through with the wedding. That’s a major blow after all of the hurdles she’s gone through to get to this point.

Lisa tells the group she wants them to put their issues on the table, so they can move on. Let’s put it all out there! Thank you Lisa for finally coming to work for your check. It only took eleven episodes!

Marysol calls out Nicole for speaking to everyone in the group about the drama between them. Nicole doesn’t think anything got resolved because Marysol walked away. That’s fair. Nicole feels nothing now. She’s annoyed by Marysol, but Nicole’s completely unbothered at this point.

Nicole calls Marysol delusional for thinking she cares about their issue that much. She cares or she wouldn’t be talking about it. She says she’s not putting any more time and effort into it. To her, Marysol doesn’t exist. Nicole tells Marysol she only brings her up if someone else asks her the question.

Julia breaks up the argument to do a positive toast, or so I thought! Julia takes the moment to call out Larsa for her comments about having children out of wedlock.  She can’t get herself past that moment. She felt slighted at that moment even though it was initially directed at Nicole.

Larsa thinks Julia’s a follower doing Adriana’s bidding. She doesn’t know where she’s coming from because it feels out of nowhere. I’d agree with that to an extent, but Julia’s had this issue for a while. This isn’t out of nowhere.

Adriana comes to Julia’s defense and rips into Larsa. She says Larsa’s always had an attitude about being better than everyone else. Adriana accuses Larsa of becoming Kim Kardashian’s minion. Here we go! Finally setting the stage for the big moment in the trailer between Adriana & Larsa. Miami stays hot!