Real Housewives Of Miami Season 4 Finale Recap: Alexia’s South Beach Suffering

The Real Housewives of Miami understood the assignment. They returned to our screens after a lengthy hiatus for a fourth season for the ages. The vets haven’t lost a step, and the newbies breathed new life into a once dying franchise.

The fight between Adriana de Moura & Larsa Pippen continues. Adriana accuses Larsa of hitting below the belt. She says Larsa’s always had an attitude of being better than everyone else. Lisa Hochstein tries to stick up for Larsa, but Adriana isn’t done.

Adriana claims Larsa went from Chicago to Los Angeles to become Kim Kardashian’s minion, and all of that rubbed on her. Larsa’s finished with Adriana at this point. She feels like Adriana continues to bait her to talk about the Kardashians. She’s not falling for it.

Adriana brings up Larsa’s failed marriage and says that rubbed off on her too. Larsa’s over it. She says Adriana’s bipolar. Everything erupted into full chaos. Poor Alexia Echevarria was expecting this to be about her. This is her party. However, these two are hijacking it with their drama.

Adriana says Larsa came back with a butt as big as Kim Kardashian’s in an attempt to become the new Kim. WELL DAMN. She’s reading the Kardashian Klique reject for filth here. Larsa’s not taking any of this lightly and fires back with her a round of insults. She says Adriana’s tacky, bipolar, an alcoholic, and says every time she sees her she’s drunk. She also shades her style saying she looks like a homeless clown with her “fat ass”.

Larsa leaves the table after delivering the read of the century. Not only is she leaving the house, but she’s also exiting the party. Marysol Patton’s annoyed because this is the party she planned. They’re ruining everything. Alexia’s so cool about the situation though. She doesn’t mind the drama at her party. However, she warns them all not to act up like this at her wedding.

The party continues with MANY strippers. These men are wearing little to nothing and are all over the women. It looks like a fun time, and the dancing goes into the wee hours of the morning. Good for Alexia. After everything she goes through, she deserves to have some fun in her life.

Adriana De Moura Real Housewives Of Miami

The morning after the party, Adriana jokes about starting her day off with vodka. This is an obvious reference to Larsa’s accusation of Adriana being an alcoholic. Adriana tells Julia Lemigova that last night was crazy, and she doesn’t want to have breakfast with her. There’s no way Larsa’s showing up to that. She seemed fed up with Adriana & Julia the night before.

The aesthetics of this show are breathtaking. Miami is everything Beverly Hills tries to be. It’s stunning in every scene. Exquisite!

Unfortunately for Adriana, Larsa’s there for the breakfast. Surprise! Is it wrong that I’m living for how bothered Adriana is by Larsa? After Larsa sits down, Alexia tells her she’s uncomfortable about what happened last night. Larsa uses that as an opening to come after Julia about never making an effort to connect with her.

Julia feels slighted by Larsa for saying she’s not active on Instagram. That’s not even that insulting. She’s nitpicking here. It’s coming off like she’s out to do Adriana’s bidding. Larsa says Julia’s biased toward her. It sure seems that way. Larsa tears up, but Adriana calls them crocodile tears.

Larsa feels sorry for Adriana, but nobody else at the table feels the same as her. Alexia thinks Adriana’s going too far in her issue with Larsa. Alexia remarks that in her confessional, but then she gets nervous Adriana might be able to hear. She’s not scared of her, but she doesn’t want to deal with the confrontation.

Larsa says Adriana’s problem is that she isn’t where she wants to be in life. She’s supposedly jealous of everything in Larsa’s life. Alexia interjects and said they’re both accomplished women regardless of who is in the press more. The bickering is too much. Alexia & Marysol both just want it to be over already.

Alexia Echevarria Real Housewives Of Miami

Weirdly, we didn’t see Dr. Nicole Martin doing her job at all. Since when do we NEVER get to see a Housewife in her career mode? Very odd.

Julia can’t have all of her animals in the new Miami Beach location. There are rules in place where she can’t have them. However, that’s not even the worse thing. Julia’s going through it. She’s seemingly having a difficult time being a new empty-nester. She’s not ready for this stage of her life.

Alexia’s wedding day is almost here! She wishes her mom was with her for her big day, but she’s going through with it. Her mom isn’t doing well at all. Alexia’s always dealing with the worst thing in life. She’s always dealing with some sort of tragedy or painful experience.

Lisa’s husband Lenny Hochstein wants another child. However, he’s never around. Lisa’s doing the brunt of the parenting at home alone throughout the week. Not only that, but they’ve had difficulty having children in the past. She’s done IVF about seven times. It’s a lot of stress that she’s not necessarily right for right now.

A lot’s happening for Larsa. She’s anxiously awaiting the divorce documents, so she can sign them. Larsa’s life lately has been such a weight. It’s hard for her to move on quickly from the divorce. It’s done though! The documents finally come through, and this chapter of her life is over. This is the beginning of a new era for Larsa.

Larsa Pippen Nicole Martin Marysol Patton Real Housewives Of Miami

Alexia’s mother has been released from the hospital with hospice care. This is brutal. I have chills typing this. Can you imagine your mother dying on your wedding day?

Nicole fills Marysol in on a plan to have all of the girls at her house for Alexia. They want to do something in solidarity with what Alexia’s going through. In a solo scene from Guerdy Abraira, it’s revealed that Alexia’s mother has died. This is so heavy. Guerdy’s so distraught, she can’t even be in front of the camera right now.

At Nicole’s, Marysol admits she was being very hesitant to sit down with her. She wasn’t making an effort because of being burned in the past. Perhaps, they can finally be friends.

LISA SHOWING UP IN BRIGHT ASS GREEN IS SO CRAZY. Everyone’s wearing black for this, but she’s looking like the green M&M before the recent changes. However, the women put together a beautiful tribute for Alexia’s mother at Nicole’s house. They came through for her. Their words to her are gut-wrenching, and you can’t help but tear up. At the end of it, Larsa randomly asks Adriana if she’s going to apologize, and she does!

Shoutout to Alexia for putting it ALL out there on display. Her entire messed-up life with countless heartbreaking moments. However, she always puts it out there for the viewers to watch. Kudos.

I CAN’T WITH LISA GETTING GLAM BEFORE THE FUNERAL. So iconic. I have no choice but to love it. The actual aftermath of the funeral is depressing. There’s not a whole lot more to add besides, Alexia is such a strong woman.

Four months later, Alexia’s finally getting married! They decide to go to St. Barts to get married. They want a private moment as a couple and do something with the family down the line. Alexia finally gets to celebrate with the champagne flutes, her mother would’ve loved. This is the best way to cap off Season 4!