Moments When Brittany Cartwright Has Covered for Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor
Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

I feel like all Brittany Cartwright does is cover of Jax Taylor. Why she ever decided to leave Kentucky and put all her eggs in Jax’s basket is beyond me. But she did, and here we are. Over the years and between Vanderpump Rules and The Valley, Brittany’s entire life feels like it is about covering for Jax’s dumb decisions. I wonder if Brittany ever gets a break, or is this a 24-hour job with benefits? 

Jax in my opinion is one of those necessary evils on a reality show. He constantly stirs up trouble, meddles in everyone’s business, and, behind the scenes, is the biggest villain on the show. Brittany is his only redeeming quality, but he is known as the long-suffering wife that all their mutual friends adore. 

Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky

Let’s just say every time Jax became a little grumpy, Brittany would do her best to explain away his issues. One scene that stuck out to me was when Brittany and her mother were making breakfast on the farm. Naturally, Brittany’s mother was a bit apprehensive about her daughter moving out to LA, especially after witnessing how he talked to her daughter three months prior. The flashback showed Jax raising his voice and telling Brittany, “Why don’t I sit here and tell your mother what I’ve done for you the whole year you’ve been here.” 

Instead of putting him in his place, Brittany sat there with a confused look on her face. When her mother asked if he would be acting like that again, all Brittany could muster up was, “I hope not.” Brittany did admit that they had gone through a phase where they were arguing a lot but noted, “As you can see, we are doing a lot better.” The delusion runs deep, my friends. 

Can you defend him?

During a Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen episode Brittany was put in the hot seat as she was asked to defend some of Jax’s Vanderpump Rules moments. Brittany went on a marathon of defense tactics noting Jax wasn’t wrong for wanting to pick out her new boobs since he was paying for them, claiming, “I wanted the boobs.” But we all saw Jax acting like her breasts were his property. I don’t know how this couple is truly happy. Brittany also still defended Jax pooping with the door open, sharing that “he still does it 24/7.” Gross.

Jax has also had multiple nose jobs due to snoring with Brittany sharing she would like him to have more. Perhaps the funniest thinking that Brittany defended Jax for was saying he was the number one guy in the group when it came to his argument with Tom Sandoval. Brittany giggled and stated, “Well, he is!” 

Love triangle

How could we forget the time during Season 4 when Brittany chose to stand by Jax’s side after he told Lala Kent he was going to screw her. Even though Brittany tried to take control and ask Jax the truth, he denied the interaction, and Brittany seemingly ate it up. The confessional proved Jax was lying as he noted, “Did I say something I shouldn’t have? I may have danced on that line a little bit.” 

The scene showed what Brittany was willing to tolerate just to be with Jax because he was semi-famous. Lala told Brittany exactly what happened and how Jax behaved. After she showed him what she was willing to tolerate so early on, she never stood a chance in that relationship. It’s only gotten worse. Jax lied right to her face, and Brittany sat there and took it, essentially showing Jax exactly how to treat her. 

Jax pranks Danny

Jax’s behavior at the pool party made a post-partum woman cry after he pantsed her husband. As Danny Booko prepared for a nice family photo, Jax snuck up behind him and pulled his swim trunks off, revealing that the child star had gone commando. While the group was left shell-shocked, Jax ran away like a little baby. Not exactly sorry for his actions, Jax noted, “I honestly thought Danny was an underwear guy. You know, it’s kind of a hard way to learn the lesson that he’s not.” Brittany immediately went into damage control, going to bat for her hubby.

Brit told Nia Booko, “I don’t think he realized it was gonna happen like that. That was a bad joke.” The former beauty queen was not buying what Brittany was trying to sell and just kept explaining how wrong Jax was. But all the OG VPR star could say was, “I’m sorry that your pee-pee was out.” What a butthead! But he’s Brittany’s problem for now.