All the Past and Present RHOC Housewives Ranked

RHOC Housewives ranked
Photo by: Randy Shropshire/Bravo via Getty Images

Nobody could have predicted that when The Real Housewives of Orange County debuted in 2006, it would be such a hit for the network. Viewers became obsessed with the pop culture aspect of peeking behind the guiled gates that kept our everyday Desperate Housewives placated. Since the fateful day, the landscape forever changed reality TV, and we have RHOC viewers who haven’t looked back. Now, we’re delving into all of those wives who have made the show such must-see television. Here are all of the past and present RHOC Housewives ranked.

26 – Kimberly Bryant

I wasn’t too sad to see Kimberly Bryant leave the OC for the Windy City, all in the name of skincare. Kimberly was your typical bougie housewife who prided herself on her breast implants. 

25 – Elizabeth Lyn Vargas

At one point, Elizabeth Lyn Vargas was interesting. I mean, she hooked me with her cult upbringing, but her lying about her ex-husband being a billionaire wasn’t a great look for her. She got more interesting after her one season when her ex-boyfriend kidnapped her and held her hostage in her own home. 

24 – Kelly Dodd

Not much to say about this housewife, so I am going to go by the Thumper Rule: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. 

23 & 22 – Jen Pedranti and Jen Armstrong

Honestly, I can’t tell them apart. I forgot both were even on the show. Both are blonde. One is a doctor, and one is a yoga instructor. You figure it out. 

21 – Noella Bergener

Noella Bergener was a trip! She not only gifted Heather Dubrow’s daughter porn, but she riled the uptight Housewives to no end. Noella went through the wringer on her season as she was dealing with a divorce from sweet James Bergener, who was known as an ambulance-chasing lawyer. Noella was a proud biracial and bisexual housewife and wasn’t afraid to expose that Heather “Hulk” slammed a camera operator. Perhaps the highlight of her time was showing up to a cast trip she was never invited on.  

20 – Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Perhaps one of the most disliked housewives had to be Braunwyn Windham-Burke, because everything she did was for attention. The mother came out of the closet as a lesbian while on the series, and even though she liked girls, she and her husband still renewed their vows. That’s called bi-erasure, folks!

It was taboo enough that she had a sex apartment specifically for her threesomes. Perhaps the weirdest thing about Braunwyn was the fact that she was jealous of the idea of her then-husband eventually moving on with another woman. Basically, she wanted her cake and to eat it too. 

19 – Quinn Fry

I really enjoyed watching Quinn Fry, mainly because she was a cougar and childless. Between wearing wigs for impromptu role-playing segments in public and none of the women liked her, she was a hit for me, even if some consider her time on the show forgettable. 

18 – Peggy Tanous

Season 6 introduced fans to Peggy Tanous, who is most remembered for her love of plastic surgery and lavish lifestyle. Peggy was extremely into healthy living, which came across as borderline obsessive. Even though she had a run-in or two with Vicki Gunvalson, nothing ever really stuck out about the blonde housewife. 

17 – Peggy Sulahian

Between earning her degree and living her American Dream, Peggy Sulahian wasn’t the best fit for the series. With that being said, she did have some moments, which included fighting with Tamra Judge and Kelly, and her double mastectomy health storyline. The ladies were unsure whether Peggy had fought cancer or not and could never really get to a conclusive answer.

16 – Lizzie Rovsek

Lizzie Rovsek was the bathing suit queen who was one of only a handful of brunettes in the series. Between Vicki mistaking her for a Mexican and forcing Tamra to run off into the night after calling her out, Lizzie was okay in my book. It was also humorous to hear her complaining about her husband’s penis after she complained about his lack of intimacy.  

15 – Lynne Curtin

Lynne Curtin was just always in a purple haze. She was usually so medicated she didn’t know where her daughters were. The most iconic move, however, was when Lynne chose to get a facelift even though she and her husband were severely in debt. Lynne brought the drama as Bravo cameras even caught her being served with an eviction notice. I’m just thankful those cuffs and butterfly jewelry never really took off because they were ugly as sin. 

14 – Tammy Kinckerbocker

God, I loved me some Tammy Knickerbocker, mainly because she was so raw. Viewers watched as her ex-husband left his fortune to his Thai lover, rather than his daughter. She didn’t have it easy after her divorce but always tried to be positive. Her major storyline revolved around her relationship with Duff, Vicki Gunvalson’s employee since neither one of them could figure out if they liked one another. 

13 – Alexis Bellino

Jesus Jugs! Jesus Jugs! Alexis Bellino, a devout but hypocritical Christian, was what was needed to stand up to Vicki. Alexis gave us serious journalist vibes (not) and couldn’t stop licking her lips. I hope she comes back next season now that she is dating John Janssen

12- Lydia Mclaughlin

Lydia Mclaughlin was compelling, especially when up against Tamra. She was airy fairy and literally had her mother throw pixie dust on her. Don’t worry, it was just glitter, and mythical creatures were harmed in the process. Lydia was a hippie at heart who brought a levity to the series.

11 – Emily Simpson

Eh, Emily Simpson is just eh for me. Her husband Shane kept it interesting with their weird and sassy relationship, but now she is all about the Ozempic, and I can’t. Last season showed a drunk Emily taking down everyone around her, and I need more of that behavior.  

10 – Jeana Keough

Jeana Keough is forever the doormat mom who let her spoiled kids walk all over her. An OG who still deserves her moment, she also sided with Simon Barney in the divorce, earning her a drink in her face from Tamra. 

9 – Lauri Peterson

Lauri Peterson was the calmest of the OC bunch. Even though she did accuse Vicki of having a threesome. Lauri went through a lot during her time on the series, which included kicking her daughter out of her home, being a terrible assistant at Coto Insurance, and marrying a rich man who let her leave the show. As I say, don’t hate the player, hate the game. 

8 – Jo De La Rosa

I think we forget the trail that Jo De La Rosa blazed by first dating Slade Smiley. She was a young 20-something who was just trying to figure out her life when an older, seemingly wealthy man came and started controlling her like his doll. She never felt comfortable being a stay-at-home housewife, and no one would forget her maid outfit. 

7 – Gina Kirschenheiter

This East Coast girl is making it a West Coast world. Gina Kirschenheiter is one of my favorites. Even though she may be living in her condo on the poor side of the OC, she still delivers. I like how she holds others accountable for their actions, and it was good to see her come out on top after her DUI. 

6 – Meghan King Edmonds

Meghan King might have been the very first to do her own versions of “Receipts. Proof. Timeline” when she went after Brooks Ayers’ fake cancer story. Her disruption of Shannon Beador’s reality was also pretty hilarious to watch. Not only did she look like Charlie Chaplin in drag she also successfully reunited the Tres Amigas. 

5 – Heather Dubrow

She has the nickname Fancy Pants. Enough said. Okay fine, I’ll give a little more. Heather is very rich, and not afraid to show off that wealth. But that’s not at all what she’s entirely about. We have seen Heather speak openly to her children about sexuality, gender, and life in general. She’s a true warrior for equality and social justice. For that, she should always be celebrated.

4 – Shannon Beador

I am always rooting for Shannon Storms, but sometimes she just can’t help herself. Shannon lying in a mock grave while in marriage counseling will forever live rent-free in my head. But she’s had trouble in recent months after a DUI and the mess surrounding Alexis and Shannon’s ex, John. Buckle up; the future’s stormy for Shannon.

3 – Gretchen Rossi

In the top three is Gretchen Rossi for what felt like an arranged marriage to a much older and wealthier man, but my main question was always, how does her hair and makeup look so good? Gretchen had a moment when she befriended Tammy Sue, but ultimately was betrayed by her. Still, it made for good TV. 

2 – Vicki Gunvalson

The OG of the OC is number two, and for good reason. I’ll never get tired of watching Vicki scream that the Real Housewives of Orange County is her show or that her love tank needs to be refueled. Vicki makes pushing the boundaries of new Housewives look like an Olympic sport.

1 – Tamra Judge

Tamra once asked, “Is your ass jealous of the sh*t that comes out of your mouth?” And I have to say that pretty much sums up every housewife that has ever graced the series. Tamra changed the entire look of the OC. She embraced being a villain and was always willing to go a bit deeper for the story. Now, she’s feuding with her former Amigas. It’s going to be an interesting season of RHOC ahead.