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Tayshia Adams Claps Back At “Fan” Who Slams Her For “Detour From Getting Married And Having Babies” After The Bachelorette

After looking for love on three Bachelor-themed shows, The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise, and The Bachelorette, Tayshia Adams is taking a step back from her search for a life partner to focus on her life and career at the moment.

Tayshia recently posted a photo of herself on her Instagram, posed against a white brick wall that she captioned, “Slow Down, Grab the Wall.” As reported in People, a fan responded to the comment on Tayshia’s photo, “So nice that your [sic] in a happy place . . . you def took a detour from the road you were on of wanting to be married and starting a family, it’s not for everyone so it’s good that you realized your career is more important before you got married can you imagine how much more difficult that would have made things.”

Rather than ignoring the comment, Tayshia took the opportunity to share some thoughts with her 1.7 million followers in a lengthy clap back. “Did I take a detour or am I just living and enjoying my life in its current season?” Tayshia responded.

She went on, “I still want marriage and to start a family more than anything so what I BELIEVE you meant in referring to what I ‘realized’ is actually – waiting to be in a healthy supportive relationship while simultaneously being a successful woman; a cohesive unit, not one or the other.”

Bachelor Nation first met Tayshia when she was a contestant on season 23 of The Bachelor, competing with 29 other women for the love of Colton Underwood. Tayshia finished in the top three, before going on to join the Season 6 cast of Bachelor in Paradise, where she met and briefly dated John Paul Jones.

In 2020, Tayshia became the Bachelorette and got engaged to Zac Clark, after original Season 16 Bachelorette Clare Crawley left the show less than two weeks in, following a (heavily production driven) proposal from Dale Moss. Clare and Dale’s relationship was very much off and on, until they finally split “for good” in 2021–but who knows? Sadly, Zac and Tayshia also announced their split in November 2021.

Tayshia reminded her followers, “I think some of you fail to remember that I stated this at the beginning of my journey. I want to build an empire, I want to go after my dreams and I want my partner to be supportive of that as they follow their own dreams as well.”


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She continued, “I want a relationship where we cheer each other on. None of that has changed. So before you confuse the fact that I’m in the wrong for focusing on my career solo rather than with someone by my side and not ‘wanting to be married and starting a family, which is not for everyone,’ (which is incredibly rude to say BTW).

Tayshia continued, “Maybe applaud me for not settling, staying to true to myself, going after my dreams and working on myself in the interim to be the best version of me for the right person.”


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Tayshia is 100% right. I applaud her for living her life and working on her career, rather than spending all her energy desperately looking for love and settling for someone who might not be the right guy.

As feminist Gloria Steinem once said, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” Even though she might not need one to have a happy life, I hope Tayshia eventually finds her “bicycle” and pedals happily off into the sunset with him.


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