The Bachelorette Complete Guide: Updates, Seasons, Who’s Still Together

Charity Lawson on The Bachelorette
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The Bachelorette has been a classic for years, since the premiere of its first season in 2003. The show was originally a spin-off of its predecessor The Bachelor, although it has since become just as popular. The Bachelorette gave a sense of female empowerment to the franchise, and allowed women to also have the opportunity to lead. From its classic seasons, to the strange twists it has seen over the years, all you need to know is in this Bachelorette guide.

The Bachelorette Updates

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The Bachelorette Season 20 is currently airing, which is of course the most recent season of the show. Charity Lawson, the current leading lady, became a fan favorite after her time on Zach Shallcross‘ season of The Bachelor.

While Charity’s season is only two weeks in, it has already promised a summer’s worth of drama. Many viewers are also happy to see Season 20 return to the traditional solo lead format, after Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey faced challenges co-leading Season 19.

The Bachelorette Seasons

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The Bachelorette has had 20 seasons to date, after Season 1 premiered in 2003, featuring Trista Sutter as the lead. The leading ladies that followed in order for the next several years included Meredith Phillips, Jennifer Schefft, DeAnna Pappas, Jillian Harris, Ali Fedotowsky, Ashley Herbert, Emily Maynard, Desiree Hartsock, and Andi Dorfman.

Season 11 saw the show introduce a slight twist, where the men were asked to vote on either Kaitlyn Bristowe or Britt Nilsson for their Bachelorette. Kaitlyn won the vote, and served as The Bachelorette Season 11 lead. The four leads that followed consisted of JoJo Fletcher, Rachel Lindsay, Becca Kufrin, and Hannah Brown.

The Bachelorette Season 16 once again threw viewers for a loop, when leading lady Clare Crawley quit several weeks in, after falling for Dale Moss. Tayshia Adams then stepped in to take her place, and dated the remaining men from Clare’s group. The following year, Katie Thurston and Michelle Young were both chosen to have their own seasons. They became fan-favorites on The Bachelor Season 25.

Prior to Charity’s season, the most recent season of the Bachelorette was Season 19, led by both Gabby and Rachel. After both women had their hearts broken by Clayton Echard, producers felt that they both deserved the chance to find love again. However, having two leads turned out to be more complicated than expected. There were many challenges for both Gabby and Rachel throughout the process.

Who’s Still Together

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While many couples from The Bachelorette unfortunately have not lasted, there are four lucky ones who have, and you’ll find them in this Bachelorette guide. The Bachelorette Season 1 must have had some beginner’s luck, because Trista is still with her husband Ryan Sutter 20 years later. It was not until Season 9 that Bachelor Nation fans got a couple who was the real deal, as Desiree and her husband Chris Siegfried are still happily married.

Jojo Fletcher and her husband Jordan Rodgers became fan favorites after appearing on Season 12, and are still together today. Finally, Rachel Lindsay is still madly in love with her husband, Bryan Abasolo, after meeting him on The Bachelorette Season 13. While it is not yet known how Charity’s season ends, viewers are rooting for her to find a partner that she will be with for a lifetime.

The Bachelorette Spin-Offs

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The only official spin-off of The Bachelorette is Bachelor In Paradise. The show is also a spin-off of The Bachelor. On Bachelor In Paradise, contestants who failed to find love on both The Bachelor and Bachelorette travel to the beaches of Mexico to mingle with one another, giving love a second chance.

Over the years, many fan-favorite contestants from The Bachelorette have found love on Bachelor In Paradise. During Bachelor In Paradise Season 7, Becca became the first lead from The Bachelorette to travel to Paradise, where she ended up falling for Thomas Jacobs. The two became engaged shortly after, and are currently expecting their first child together.

Bachelor In Paradise Season 9 recently wrapped filming, and will air after The Bachelorette 20 ends. It can be expected that several of the men from Charity’s season will appear on the upcoming season, as well as a few from older seasons of The Bachelorette.