Married At First Sight Recap: – Boston Reunion, Part 2

This episode of Married At First Sight left me very confused and annoyed. It seems like either someone  has friends in high places or threatened not to show up if they were portrayed in a certain way. That is the only thing that I can think of as a reason why the show was so biased. I have no issues with people being called to the carpet, but it has to be fair. We all watched the same season and they were quite a few people who did a number of things that were not okay.

Emotions run high as the Boston cast confronts each other over difficult issues from the past. Some individuals struggle to move forward with their relationships. The Married At First Sight experts deliver some harsh advice as the couples contemplate their future. One cast member is left feeling the heat from the group. Let’s get straight to the recap!

Lindsey and Mark

The reunion opens up with just the ladies speaking on their experience with the host. Unfortunately for Lindsey she is on the hot seat through much of the conversation. Jasmina has unfollowed her on social media and Alyssa has her blocked. When she confronts Alyssa about messaging Mark behind her back and her behavior on the show, Alyssa denies everything. I literally had to laugh when Alyssa repeatedly said she is a nice person and never said a bad word about anyone. Huh? Did we not witness the same episodes? What surprised me is how much Jasmina and Katina were defending Alyssa. They even implied that Lindsey lied about several things. Maybe I am a different kind of person, but when a person shows you who they are, believe them. Alyssa isn’t a nice person and that is evident by the way she treated her husband and production.

When the men come out on stage the conversation about Lindsey continues. Mark claims she bullied him to the point that he was afraid of her. Honestly, I believe he has been through a lot in his life and all the traumatic things that happened during the experiment was too overwhelming for him. Lindsey has done a lot to support him, but her personality was way too much for him. He seems like someone who needs a calm and stable environment. His relationship with Lindsey was like a roller coaster of emotions.

When Lindsey and Mark meet with the experts, she explains more about the day that she was asked to leave. She gave up her apartment but Mark suggested they need to move again because of his new job. When she refused, he threatened to kick her out. Pastor Calvin Roberson interjects and reminds them that they both destroyed their marriage. Dr. Pepper Schwartz agrees and gives them both things that they need to work on to have a successful relationship in the future. Mark gets emotional and is uncomfortable reliving the past. If I am being honest, I don’t like how this reunion appears so one sided. It appears that Lindsey is the sacrificial lamb for the season meanwhile; they totally ignore Olajuwon’s verbal abuse and praise him. Am I in a parallel universe? No one else was forced to apologize, when several people on that stage could of took accountability and apologized as well.


Alyssa and Chris

I guess no one got the memo when I requested Alyssa and Chris to no longer appear on our tv screens after the last reunion. I am officially sick of Alyssa. When they sit down with the experts, she claims they didn’t give her anything she wanted in a partner. Dr. Viviana Coles comes with receipts and reads off what she asked for and Chris fit the bill. I don’t know why she just can’t be honest and say she disliked him because of how he looked. When she realizes she can’t lie her way out of the situation, she resorts to tears once again. Sigh! The manipulation tactics are not working honey. Even Chris sits there in quiet contempt for his ex-wife. The experts caution her about being so narrow minded about dating in the future. Of course, that goes into one ear and out of the other.

Jasmina and Michael

For some reason, the experts decide to speak to Michael and Jasmina to see if their relationship could be salvaged. Umm…. What season were they watching? These two are not good together. Jasmina is closed off and comes off as very intolerant. She can never take any accountability and just points the finger at Michael. I find it a huge disservice to her that no one is telling her that. She literally told this guy all season she wasn’t attracted to him, yet stayed married. I don’t blame him for asking for a divorce. Why the experts are trying to force this relationship is beyond strange to me. Michael deserves someone who truly sees his value and appreciates him. My only wish is that he would speak up more. He has allowed Jasmina to change the narrative because he just stays quiet as she makes all of these claims

Katina and Olajuwon

Am I the only one who is bothered by how Olajuwon got off scott free during the reunion? We witnessed him not only being verbally abusive towards Katina, but telling anyone that would listen. I don’t care that he gave her a ring on the last episode. Yes, it was a nice gesture, but it doesn’t take away everything that happened throughout the season. Isn’t the reunion to discuss what we watched all season? I was especially infuriated watching them throw Lindsey under the bus the entire episode, but praise Olajuwon the entire show. Was anyone else frustrated by this? I don’t know if he threatened not to appear, but I found the whole show to be very biased. If no one else is going to call him out now that they are still married, the viewers will.


[Photo Credit: Lifetime]