Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Reunion, Part 2 Recap: Flings, Dreams and D*cks

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Pour yourself another glass of Pinot Grigio as we welcome in the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Reunion, Part 2 recap. In Part 1, Lala came for Katie, but Katie held firm. This week, Jo Wenberg and Ally join us, and even more confrontations ensue. Clearly, this friends group is struggling, as the VPR Season 11 Reunion, Part 2 just proved.

Give Katie Lala, again

Part 2 starts off where Part 1 ends, with Lala in her soft era, clapping at Katie. Literally. Her hands helped her convey her message, asking for Katie to speak up. However, Katie’s neh on this remains firm. Her frustrations with Ariana are not a storyline.

Ariana explains that Katie’s always been authentic, but “she’s hated for it,” which sucks. Here, Lala stands up to tug down her dress, saying that she disagrees with Ariana’s take. Andy Cohen jumps in to ask Ariana if she’s frustrated with Katie. Naturally, she’s not.

All throughout, Schwartz is in the background, inserting sentences that don’t match the vibe. Speaking of vibes, Brock addresses Schwartz, saying that he’s “also the catalyst” for Katie’s annoyances, because he “took away all the confidence that woman ever had in herself.” Scheana helps, adding that he was “a sh*t husband.” Naturally, Schwartz denies these claims.

Tangled webs

Photo Credit: Griffen Nagel/Bravo

Schwartz and Scheana’s kiss is accompanied by a montage of every cheating scandal from the past 11 years. Their kiss stayed a secret though, because they chose to bury their one-off moment. Cue Sandoval helping with the missing pieces, asking “Was it a cheerleading competition?” On this, Scheana replies “yes, my little sister’s.”

Ariana, Sandoval, and Schwartz also attended this event, and after many drinks, Ariana and Scheana kissed. Then, Schwartz tried to kiss Scheana, but she stopped it. Laughing, Schwartz finally apologies to every one for “being a sloppy fool for so long.”

Speaking of sloppy, Scheana also reveals that every guy on the cast has hit on her. Cue a giggly James, asking “What? When? Huh?” As for Sandoval, before Scheana can explain, he’s saying “No f*cking way.” But then, Lisa jokingly asked them how the sex was, and he jokes back “I woke up with lockjaw and shit out a condom two weeks later.”


Revenge hookups

In Season 11, Katie hooked up with Schwartz’s best friend Max Boyens. When Andy asks if a second tryst has gone down, Katie’s face says it all, as James’ actual voice booms “HE CAME BACK FOR SECONDS!” From across the stage, Schwartz then tells Katie that they are the same.

“No, we’re not,” Katie laughs.

Lake Tahoe

Up next on the chatting block is Lake Tahoe. On this trip, Scheana tried to move forward with Sandoval, but it was really hard for her to do. Naturally, Andy wants to know if Ariana feels any sympathy for her friends struggles.

“Your feelings are totally valid. Obviously, I’m not necessarily the person to go to with those feelings,” Ariana replies. Scheana gets it. The girls are good. For now.

Boundaries for thee, but not for me

When Lala cut ties with Randall Emmett, any one who spoke to him got verbally popped. Yet, she disproved of Ariana’s boundaries this season. When asked why, Lala says “there’s one giant difference. I have a child involved that I entered a custody battle [with].”

Scheana tries to help, saying that Randall’s more than just a cheater. However, Katie rightfully interjects, explaining that Ariana should be able to set boundaries as well. Lala notes that Ariana is literally sharing a house with her ex, so again, their situations are different.

“I’ve always known your situation is different, and I’ve always f*cking supported that,” Ariana says. At this, Lala replies that she was answering Andy’s question, and that Ariana should know how this works. “Yeah, you talk louder than anybody, so you’re right,” Ariana responds.

Leaking ladies (ew, sorry)

Ariana just wowed us on Dancing with the Stars, but this was Scheana’s dream. It hurt Scheana that Ariana had never told her about this booked gig. As for why, Ariana explains that “there was a leak that happened, where all of these articles came out that I was gonna be on it.” Therefore, Ariana locked her announcement down.

To date, the series has still not called Scheana. But “maybe next year,” she laughs.

Ally and Jo

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Ally and Jo take the stage, where Jo’s fling with Schwartz gets dissected. Shocking Jo, Katie admits that Schwartz had been “bread crumbing” his love interest all season. Also in Jo’s corner was Lala and Lisa, who both tried to explain to Schwartz that his actions were poor. “It doesn’t look good,” James agrees.

Looking back, Katie explains that her words against Jo were about her own traumas. “It’s no excuse,” Jo replies, as Katie reiterates that she doesn’t like a lot of people, because they’ll turn around … “and fuck your man,” Ariana interrupts. Cue my laughter.

As for Ally, she says that their returned good boy Hippie is doing well. But she’s still not ready for marriage or children. For Ally though, James will wait “forever.”

“The attempted dog murderer”

After touching on the great Ann Maddox, Ariana’s sick dog comes up. After Ariana notes that these pets are hers alone, Sandoval rolls his eyes. This angers James, who says “you roll your eyes like that, but you were totally fine when Raquel [Leviss] took Graham from me, and you became his secret new daddy, getting your dick wet for 7 months, daddy boy.”

Triggered, Sandoval replies “I’m keeping my mouth shut about things that I’ve heard, and they add up, James.”

“Eat a dick,” James replies.

And scene.

The Vanderpump Rules Season 11 reunion continues on Tuesday, May 28 at 8/7c on Bravo.