Dr. Lenny Hochstein Trying To Kick Estranged Wife Lisa Hochstein Out Of Their $52 Million Home

Sadly, I had a feeling that things might get worse for Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein. Her husband, Dr. Lenny Hochstein, was busted with a new girlfriend last month. The messy details emerged and he quickly filed for divorce from Lisa. Then he simply moved on with his shiny 26 year old toy, Katharina Mazepa. Now Lenny is expecting Lisa to move on….and out.

In legal documents obtained by The Sun, Lenny is trying to get Lisa to vacate their $52 million Miami Beach mansion. According to Lenny, their prenup states that Lisa would leave the home if either of them filed for divorce. And that she has 30 days to do so.

But Lisa doesn’t seem to be budging. In Lenny’s court filing to get her out, documents stated, “The Wife has indicated she currently does not intend to vacate the Marital Home.” Despite the fact that Lenny completely humiliated Lisa, he still fancies himself as charitable. Lenny argued that while his prenup doesn’t require him to provide Lisa with a new house, he will. The filing reads, “Husband has offered to purchase a $3.5 million dollar residence where the Wife may reside, or rent the Wife a luxury residence for a reasonable period of time while she obtains her own residence.” How nice that Lenny doesn’t need a court order to provide housing for the mother of his two children?

Lenny’s “good will” doesn’t end there as he tries to remove Lisa from their marital home. He’s offering to pay all of her moving costs. Additionally, he will take “all steps necessary to comfortably transition the Wife to luxurious accommodations that are comfortable for her and the children.” In his filing, he is asking the court to “enter an Order that establishes a date certain the Wife will vacate the residence in accordance with the Prenuptial Agreement.” He also wants Lisa to pay her own legal fees for the motion he’s filing. Which is just flat out cruel, if you ask me.

As for his divorce filing, which he submitted on May 20th, Lenny cited “irreconcilable differences.” Documents also state that their “marriage is irretrievably broken and there is no present hope for a meaningful reconciliation.” The filing continues, “Both parents married each other with the full intent of starting a family and becoming parents together and they delight in being parents to their two children.” Lenny is requesting that he and Lisa “enjoy substantial time-sharing” with their children.

The very wealthy plastic surgeon, known as Miami’s “Boob God,” said he will pay for 100% of their children’s health insurance. He will also pay for private school education and “enrichment in school activities.” Finally, he will provide spousal support in accordance to their prenup.

While this might seem generous, to me it’s the very least he can do considering how he’s behaved towards his wife of 12 years. Back in early May, Lisa caught Lenny out with Katharina at a trendy Miami nightclub. An alleged argument ensued. Lenny originally denied that he and Lisa were divorcing. He quickly changed his mind and came clean after being caught by paps out with Katharina. For someone who is trying to “protect” his family, that was a funny way to go about things.

Katharina maintained she had nothing to do with the split. The Austrian model also claimed that Lisa knew all about her relationship with Lenny. Lisa denied knowing, but graciously let Katharina off the hook. Said Lisa in a statement, “I don’t blame [Katharina] for what’s happening. We all choose different paths to get ahead in life. I feel blindsided by a man I’ve dedicated my life to.” Notice the little shade about getting ahead in life, lol.

Regardless of where she ends up, Lisa’s first priority is her kids. She shared, “As a mother, their happiness, safety and protection from all of this remain my ultimate priority. Unfortunately, this is a case of a man lying to two women at the same time.” Lisa hasn’t responded to this filing yet. But if she does, I hope she reads Lenny the riot act. And gets to stay in the home she spent over a decade building with him. Even if it’s not for Lisa, it’s the least Lenny could do for his kids.


[Photo Credit: Peacock]