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Bling Empire’s Kane Lim Is Working At Selling Sunset’s Oppenheim Group

Is a Netflix star swap in the works? Because Bling Empire’s Kane Lim is ready to put his real estate license to good use. The 32 year old reality star announced on season 2 of the series that he was getting into real estate. Kane, who is rumored to be worth $20 million, might not need the money, but he seems to like the fame.

As reported by E! News, Kane recently started working for Selling Sunset’s prestigious Oppenheim Group brokerage. And he would love to join Selling Sunset. Kane explained, “Chrishell [Stause] and I have worked together so we’ll see. I love real estate but it’s so fun being on Bling Empire that I don’t know if I could leave [it]. It’s something that we all started together and it’s been such a great relationship.” He then added, “But if I have to jump on Selling Sunset, why not. I’d love that.”

On the Oppenheim Group’s website, they describe Kane as “an experienced Real Estate Developer and agent [who has] sold three properties in the upscale Los Angeles neighborhood of Venice Beach.” They also note that Kane “has recently focused his attention on Residential projects and Commercial properties in Asia.” Finally, “[Kane] possesses an innate understanding of market trends and enjoys the challenges and rewards of real estate transactions.”

But according to Kane, one big-time fan might not be on board with him switching shows. He claimed, “I’ve known [Rihanna] for quite a few years. When the show came out, she’s like ‘When is season two coming out?'” Luckily for Rihanna, she won’t have to wait long for season 3. Allegedly, the next season has already been filmed and will possibly be released at the end of this summer.

So what do we think Kane has in store for next season? Will he continue his feud with newcomer Dorothy Wang? What about his crumbling friendship with Cherie Chan? I have to admit, this season turned me against Kane as he took over as the de facto pot stirrer. He gossiped behind everyone’s back, even when the show’s matriarch Anna Shay tried to warn him not to. She even stopped him from confronting Cherie about how she allegedly got together with now-husband, Jessey Lee. The storyline ended there but without knowing if Cherie is signed on for another season, Kane might not even get the chance to carry out his dirty work.

Either way, it looks like Kane won’t be hurting for money, even if he is hurting for fans.


[Photo Credit: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images]