Kane Lim

Cherie Chan Bling Empire

There were so many big personalities on Netflix’s new hit, Bling Empire. Between Anna Shay and Christine Chiu, sometimes it was hard for other cast members to shine.

One of my personal favorites fell into that description. Cherie Chan was introduced to us late, right around the time when she was going to have her second baby. Her story line wasn’t a totally unfamiliar one. She was impatiently waiting on longtime boyfriend, Jessey Lee, to pop the question. While she waited, her mother passed away. She also had the couples’ second baby. Who she spent a few episodes believing was the reincarnate of her mother. SPOILER ALERT – the couple ended the season with Cherie romantically popping the question to Jessey. They are now married. Love it!

Anna Shay Bling Empire

I can’t get enough of the new Netflix show Bling Empire. It’s got all the makings of good reality TV: actual wealth, over the top personalities and some serious drama. I love it and wish they had a season two.

One breakout star of the show was the matriarch of the group, Anna Shay. She has a shit ton of money and a quirky vibe going on, which obviously made her a standout. One of the key plot lines to the show was when she whisked friend Kelly Mi Li off to Paris for her birthday. Unfortunately, that meant that Kelly’s boyfriend Andrew Gray came along and it didn’t help matters. After a blow out fight, Anna famously said, “There ain’t no dick that good.” Amen to that.

Andrew Gray Bling Empire

If you haven’t been watching Bling Empire on Netflix, take this as your sign to jump in right now. I watched all eight episodes in two days and have zero regrets. Ok, one regret: that there weren’t more episodes that I could binge. I obviously enjoyed the show and it was a nice departure from my usual Bravo fare.

One of the central plot lines for the show was the tumultuous relationship between Kelly Mi Li and her boyfriend, Andrew Gray. They were on and off again the whole time and fans got to see a most unpleasant side of him from the go.