Real Housewives Of Dubai Star Caroline Stanbury Was Robbed While Vacationing In Greece

Sadly, another housewife has fallen victim to being robbed. Caroline Stanbury was on vacation with her family in Greece when she experienced the terrifying break in.

The Real Housewives of Dubai star posted the details to her Instagram stories. Fan account Taste of Reality was able to capture and share. In her stories, Caroline wrote, “So …. having set off on our holiday and landing within 3 hours we were robbed … what was meant to be my daughters end of gsce [sic] trip has turned into a nightmare … so much gone but we are all safe! we came home to the men still in our house.” She added of her home base, “When people ask why we love Dubai, this is a reminder! You cannot beat the secure feeling we all have living there.”

Caroline also posted a slide of the aftermath. The video featured their suitcases ransacked, clothing thrown all over the floor and what looks like a door that was pried open. According to People, Caroline and her family, had only been in Greece for three hours before the incident. Her husband, former soccer star Sergio Carrallo, was also there. Caroline told the outlet that the house they originally rented was “in the middle of nowhere.” She noted that it had no cell phone service or security system. Because of that, they decided to move to a different property and then went out to dinner.


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Once they returned to the villa to get their bags around 11:30 p.m., they stumbled upon the scene. Said Caroline, “I was laughing with Sergio that it was so remote. It’s such a scary place to go. But I was like ‘What if someone’s in the house?’ Can you imagine? No one would hear us.” She added, “And he opened the door and went ‘boo’ to make me scared as a joke.”

She went on to recount what they found. Caroline recalled, “All our bags that we had left by the door to move were open all over the floor.” Upon seeing lights upstairs, they “realized that there was someone still in the house.” Caroline shared that this was “scariest part.”


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Caroline and Sergio immediately ran back out to their driver and called the police. Once the police arrived, they went back into the house. Cameras, jewelry and all of Caroline’s bags were taken in the break-in. But the most upsetting item that was gone was Sergio’s wedding ring. Said Caroline, “They took my husband’s wedding ring, which he’s absolutely destroyed over.”

Caroline went on to say that she us thankful that “everyone’s fine.” Following the incident, the family moved to a hotel that provides security at night when they are out.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]