Dorit Kemsley Robbed And Held At Gunpoint During Home Invasion

After Bravo finished airing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills third episode of its highly-anticipated reunion, Dorit Kemsley was the victim of a violent attack. Daily Mail reports that Dorit was held at gunpoint and robbed on Wednesday night in her home, while her children were in the house. Dorit and the kids were sleeping in the Encino Hills home while PK Kemsley was away in London, a source close to Dorit told the outlet.

The reports say that three men broke into Dorit’s home by smashing windows through her children’s classroom door. The event took place around 11 p.m., while Dorit was sleeping. She awoke to two of the men standing at the end of her bed. Dorit allegedly told the men, “Don’t hurt my babies. Don’t kill me. I’m a mother.” And one of the suspects apparently responded, “Kill her.” Absolutely terrifying.


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Luckily, Dorit is currently at home recovering from the incident, but she’s “traumatized.” And thankfully, her children were not privy to the break-in, as the men didn’t enter their bedrooms. However, the thieves ransacked Dorit’s home for 20 minutes or so. They ended up raiding her closet, stealing “all of Kemsley’s jewelry and handbags,” according to Daily Mail. 

While it has yet to be confirmed, it looks as though the RHOBH ladies are already in the midst of filming Season 12, as Season 11 draws to a close. It appears like all of the current cast is coming back, so it’s unclear if Dorit has been filming for the show.

Daily Mail reports that she was set to film something on Thursday before the incident occurred, but nothing’s been officially announced. All we know now is that we should all keep Dorit, PK, and their children in our thoughts after going through such a harrowing invasion of privacy in their home. And be thankful that luckily no one was seriously hurt by the home invasion, which could have been even more of a nightmare than it already was for Dorit.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]