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Top 5 Takeaways From Real Housewives Of Dubai Season 1 Episode 6

Real Housewives of Dubai continues to be the new landmark series for the franchise. The drama is finally heating up, and the women are hitting their stride as a group. Everyone’s contributing, and this episode was no different.

Ayan’s Extraness Makes The Show But Caution Should Be Had

Chanel Ayan Real Housewives Of Dubai

Chanel Ayan showed up at a store with Caroline Brooks at the beginning of the episode in the most extra outfit yet. I’m sure the price tag was absorbent, but money doesn’t always equal fashion.

It was nothing but Big Bird in the desert vibes for me. However, I find myself wanting more and more wild and wacky looks from her each week.

At a meeting with the other women further into the episode. Ayan arrives this time in a red tinsel type of attire. I want to love her. I do love her. However, at some point, I worry she’ll become more of a comedic act than someone taken seriously.

Hearing that Ayan FAKE WATERS her FAKE PLANTS in the morning is so damn funny. Even though her outfits are a bit over the top and almost too much, this is comedy gold. She’s so unintentionally hilarious that she steals every scene she’s in.

Brooks’ Mama Bear Instincts

Caroline Brooks Real Housewives Of Dubai

It’s evident early in the episode during a shopping trip with Ayan that her son is her entire world. Being a mother is everything to her, so it puts into perspective what happens later on in this episode.

Being Adam’s mom means the world to Brooks, and she mirrors her mother’s parenting style. The discipline is firm despite her undeniable love for him.

Brooks thinks she’s doing the best for her son by sending him to boarding school. She wants to give him the best money can buy. However, Stanbury cautions her about this decision.

We’ve seen firsthand how her life at boarding school affected her as an adult. It’s a tough call as a mother wanting to better her son.

Brooks tried hard at her dinner with Sara to be the best possible mom to Adam. Adam’s camera shyness was showing, and it made the scene awkward. That’s natural. He’s a child. He didn’t sign up for reality television. I don’t think it’s deeper than that.

Brooks didn’t appreciate Sara Al Madani intruding (more on that later) on her ability as a mother. Her defenses came up because who she is at her core was on the attack. Sara hits a nerve, and Brooks loses her shit.

Stanbury’s Wedding Woes

Caroline Stanbury Real Housewives Of Dubai

Caroline Stanbury’s career as an influencer works because she’s getting this fabulous stay at a swanky hotel for her wedding. Be the face of that hotel, honey! Get that free stuff!

Stanbury’s relationship with her family is still a bit off-putting to watch. They have no genuine connection because of the limited time spent together. I see why she doesn’t want to focus her energies on them because they’ve never been a massive part of who she is.

Stanbury’s mother doesn’t speak about feelings which sounds accurate. She is the same as her mother. The pattern didn’t skip a generation. There’s an opportunity present to break that cycle, and Sergio Carrallo could be the one to do it.

Another possible complication between Stanbury and Sergio is their incompatible sex drives. He’s younger with a higher libido, and she’s not looking to match it.

Does she ever compromise about anything? All season it’s been a series of things she’s unwilling to do in her relationship, family, or even her friend group.

Stanbury agrees she should sit with family at the wedding itself. She doesn’t think it’s necessary to do so at the engagement party.

This is his first wedding, not hers. She doesn’t need to participate in the traditional roles for something she’s already done before.

The bond between Stanbury and her family toward the end of the episode appeared nonexistent. The types of families are so different. One family (Stanbury’s) is reserved and cold, and the other (Sergio’s) is all about bonding and talking about feelings.

Another Round Of Lesa Vs. Stanbury

Caroline Stanbury Real Housewives Of Dubai

Nina Ali grew tired of Stanbury & Lesa Milan fighting, so she arranged for them to meet with her in the middle. Lesa doesn’t have the energy for Stanbury, but alas, we are doing this again.

Stanbury felt attacked by Lesa previously, but Lesa finds the oral sex proposition trashy. I agree with Stanbury that it was likely a drunken sarcastic comment. She was on defense and owned the inappropriateness of it all.

Lesa claims not to have an issue with Stanbury despite whispers on the street. She’s heard from others to be careful of Stanbury, but that’s a passive-aggressive statement in and of itself.

They left off Nina’s lunch on better terms, which bodes well for the future. <

Sara The Preacher

Sara Al Madani Real Housewives Of Dubai

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Sara. I quite enjoy her. However, let’s call it as we see it. She tends to be a bit preachy.

Her struggles and overcoming them are a large part of who she is, but sometimes it feels shoved down everyone’s throats.

Sara talking to Ayan before her charity event was a prime example. She says she wasn’t always like this, and it’s not too late to be like her. The ego is through the roof.

I don’t think Sara even realizes when she’s doing it. Ayan wants the preaching to stop, and so do I. It makes Sara not enjoyable to watch, which is a shame because instinctively, I want to like her.

Brooks pitches the idea of sending Adam to boarding school with Sara, and she’s vehemently against it. Technically, Brooks pitched the idea to her. She opened the door to the entire conversation.

However, Sara telling Brooks she needs to be closer to her son crossed a line. As a viewer, I see where Sara’s coming from here. It does seem like Brooks can’t be bothered with Adam at times. As her friend, though, that’s not something it’s alright to say.

Sara should’ve taken the cue from Brooks to drop it, but she kept going. How this friendship recovers is beyond me. That might be a full stop for me if someone interjected themselves in my father-daughter relationship.


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