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Top 5 Takeaways From Real Housewives Of Dubai Season 1 Episode 7

The long-awaited wedding on The Real Housewives of Dubai is finally almost here! Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo are tying the knot after building anticipation all season. The real question heading into this wedding was if it would go off as planned without any snags.

Meet the Parents

Caroline Stanbury Real Housewives Of Dubai

Stanbury’s parents are finally meeting Sergio’s, and it felt uncomfortable from the beginning. These people are polar opposites. One side is stuffy and snobby, and the other side is touchy and feely. So much had the potential of going wrong.

The first question her mother asked Sergio was if his parents spoke good English. That’s just rude. Why are you asking that? I’m not going to say what I’m really thinking right now, but it doesn’t reflect well on Stanbury’s parents.

The interaction was cringeworthy as hell. It’s evident neither set of parents is fully on board with this wedding. The union of these families is only going to be on paper. I can’t imagine them gathering for holidays and wanting to truly get to know each other. They’ll likely never see each other again after this wedding.

The Fallout From Sara’s Preachy SNAFU

Sara Al Madani Real Housewives Of Dubai

Caroline Brooks stunned Lesa Milan by telling her what Sara Al Madani said about her ability as a mother. The problem with Sara is you can’t give unsolicited parenting advice. That’s never going to end well. Nobody’s wanting to welcome someone into their home and have their parenting dissected.

You can’t tell someone how they should raise their children. Brooks says it was an attack on her entire upbringing. She finds it too soon to be receiving advice like this from someone she barely knows.

Sara probably had good intentions with her comments. Nothing came across as cruel or malicious. Also, it’s likely Brooks was already feeling some of those things and is insecure about it. Lesa backs Brooks and says she’s a great mom, so Sara might find herself with no allies when it comes to this.

Sara phones Nina Ali after what unfolded with Brooks and Nina is confused about what happened. Unfortunately for Sara, she doesn’t comprehend. Her recollection of what went down isn’t even remotely the reality of the situation. Sara thinks all she said was for Brooks to break the generational cycle in her family.

Girl, what? You went further than that. You said she needed to be more affectionate to her son. Even further, you wouldn’t let it go and kept rambling when it was clear Brooks was upset. Is Sara so wrapped up in her love of herself that she can’t discern fact from fiction? I first I thought Chanel Ayan was the delusional member of the group, but maybe it’s Sara.

The Calm Before The Sandstorm

Caroline Stanbury Real Housewives Of Dubai

Things aren’t going well for Stanbury ahead of the wedding and engagement party. People are backing out of the event left and right because of COVID-19. She can’t catch a break.

It’s ironic that the woman who didn’t want any of this fanfare in the first place is getting upset by what’s going down. I know Sergio wants this fairytale dream wedding, but he might not get it. He might be stuck with a small intimate affair that will please his bride, but he may be let down.

To make matters worse, prior to the engagement party, Stanbury gets a text from Sara who is LOSING HER SHIT on Brooks. She lays into her for spreading “bullshit lies” about her. Well damn. This party’s going to be awkward because both women are set to be in attendance.

Stanbury better hope more people cancel on her, so she can avoid the sandstorm of drama heading her way. She isn’t interested in any of the drama, so maybe it won’t happen. She doesn’t plan on engaging with the squabbles within her friend group.

Desert Warfare

Nina Ali Real Housewives Of Dubai

Ayan’s choice of attire for the engagement was a big no-no in Stanbury’s mind. It looks like a wedding dress, so naturally, the bride-to-be is pissed off. There’s a vail, there’s lace, there’s a train, it’s a freaking wedding dress. Why is Ayan always trying to be the center of attention? Go one day without making it about yourself.

Brooks arrives at the party, and she has a bone to pick with both Sara and Nina. She’s on the warpath for Nina. She believes Nina repeated falsehoods to Sara in an effort to be messy and start trouble.

Brooks sits down with Nina and rips into her over all of this. Why is this on Nina? I didn’t hear anything during her conversation with Sara that was shit stirring. Brooks is projecting all over this desert because of her own glaring insecurities.

I’m Team Nina on this. She’s overreacting and looking for a moment with Nina. There’s no reason to tear this woman to shreds when she’s already dealing with so much pain. If you want to target anyone, target Sara. She’s the one who triggered the entire thing by opening her mouth at your dinner.

Sara needs to take back whatever she said because it’s unfair for her friend to be caught in the crossfire. This is Stanbury’s engagement party, and they’re all making a mockery with their issues.

Brooks & Sara Face-Off

Sara Al Madani Real Housewives Of Dubai

After some drinks, Brooks is ready to have a conversation with Sara. She felt judged as a mother, and they have two vastly different interpretations of what went down.

Brooks is getting lost on semantics here. She felt like Sara said “generational curse” and not “generational cycle”, but that’s not the root of the issue. The real problem is Brooks feels like her entire upbringing is on the line here.

She openly states to Sara that she wants Adam to have the same upbringing she did. I get where Sara’s coming from. Brooks complained about the level of affection given by her mother, so why does she want the same for her son? It makes sense on paper, but as her friend, you don’t dive into those waters.

Brooks is unhinged during this sit-down and screaming at a perplexed Sara. It’s coming off like the women in the group don’t find Sara to be genuine. This might become a larger issue down the line. Either way, I get the to-be-continued message at the end because this fight’s going to get a lot worse before it resolves.

Sara wants Brooks to drop this version of her and bring out the real one. Brooks issues the same challenge and says everyone’s waiting to see who she really is.


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