Big Brother 24 Week 5 Recap: The Worst Best Player In Big Brother History

Karma continued its cleansing of the Big Brother House this week, sending home yet another player that decided it was a good idea to pile-on Taylor earlier in the season.

This season continues its strong run after a choppy, uncomfortable beginning. Elvis-impersonator, Daniel Durston was the victim this week of the latest backdoor exit, following the ousting of his closest ally, Nicole, last week. Daniel had perhaps the most direct, jaded attacks on Taylor early on in the season, back when it was quite acceptable and popular to be rude to and to ostracize the former beauty queen. Karma was served up sweetly when this week’s HOH, Michael, used the same nasty speech when putting Daniel up on the block, that Daniel had said to Taylor back when Daniel was the game’s first HOH.

Daniel was the easy target this week and was definitely alone in the game, making sure of this just moments after Nicole was backdoored. When Alyssa came over to comfort him, Daniel lambasted her for not supporting his side of the house, now down to just himself. The original “Festie Besties” nominated to the block were the trio of Monte, Joseph and Terrance, and while Daniel did manage to get Terrance on his side, their sloppy attempt at having Michael keep noms the same didn’t work at all. Michael saw through their plans, as each member of Daniel’s ramshackle alliance came up and pitched Michael the same exact plan. For Daniel to continuously act like he is a great master of the game, gloating in secret even though his plans have fallen through and acting like he is some BB Pro in a house full of amateurs, has there ever been a worse player that has thought of themselves as such a legend? Daniel trying to put himself in the same league of BB Legend Dan Gheesling? Elvis, please.

The Leftovers alliance – Michael, Brittany, Monte, Joseph, Turner, Taylor and Kyle – basically took firm hold of the game and followed through on their plan to rid the house of Daniel this week. Michael did consider – for a second – the idea of possibly leaving noms the same and getting rid of Monte, but ultimately Daniel’s feeble attempt to sway Michael only made him more sure that Daniel was the way to go. With the announcement by Julie Chen-Moonves that Daniel was the last person who would leave the game and not be on jury, that means that the entire Leftover alliance will be involved in either winning BB24, voting for the winner, or both. On the outside of this alliance is Jasmine, Terrance, Indy and Alyssa.

Speaking of Alyssa, she had a tumultuous week in the house as well. Her attempt to go along with trying to salvage Daniel did not sit well with her new show-mance, Kyle. Kyle has been the sole Leftover member that has shown any sort of loyalty to someone outside of the core alliance, but he seemed to double-down on his commitment to The Leftover alliance after Alyssa’s actions this week. Whether or not this couple is “off” or “on” at any given moment, I think the damage is done, and no matter what they do they will be seen as a duo in the game…and that’s a dangerous perception to have the further the game goes along. Not every BB alliance is built as strong as last season’s “The Cookout” either, so there is no guarantee that The Leftovers will target the outside four before they begin turning on themselves. After all, within The Leftovers, if you are feeling on the outs, you are bound to try to make a big move sooner rather than later.

The Leftovers’ big plans might be thrown out the window though, with the announcement of an upcoming all-new twist that is sure to rock the house, up-end the game and become controversial among fans. Julie told us that next week’s two-hour Live Thursday episode will lead to a “double elimination like no other,” where the next big twist will actually separate the house into two completely isolated groups. Just speculating here, but there are now 11 players left, so it is likely that the first eliminated person next Thursday will be sent to the jury house by normal means, following a standard week of BB. But with 10 players, they will be split into two groups of five, each with separate HOHs and POVs to be had, and then all hell will likely break loose. The Leftovers still have the numbers to weather the storm, but if it goes on beyond one week, who knows what could happen? And with some bad luck, any member of The Leftovers could meet an earlier-than-expected demise due to the new twist.

Elsewhere this past week, the famous “OTEV” POV was played, we witnessed both “Muffin-gate” and “Cider-gate,” and at least Daniel went down swinging (his exit speech might have been abrasive but kudos to him, and watching his reaction to Taylor‘s fire parting-message was also great). And if you’re wondering the status of Jasmine‘s ongoing foot injury, well, it seems to be getting…worse somehow?

For now, the Festie Bestie twist is over, which means the new HOH will be able to put up any two individuals he/she wishes for this week. The Live Feeds revealed who won the iconic “wall challenge,” but I won’t spoil it here…but strap in for what will be a very interesting week of Big Brother – despite Daniel thinking that things will be “boring” without him – before things get super-chaotic next week!


Current HOH: TBD (will be shown on Sunday, 8/14)

Nominations: TBD


Sunday, 8/14 – HOH Result and Nominations

Wednesday, 8/17 – POV Comp and Ceremony

Thursday, 8/18 – Two-Hour Episode, Next Live Eviction and Twist Reveal


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