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Ben Higgins And Nick Viall Slam The Bachelorette As “Messy” For Having Two Leads

Is anyone really happy with the horror show taking place on this season’s The Bachelorette (with the obvious exclusion of that gorgeous cruise ship)? It seems everyone in Bachelor Nation has an opinion about the unprecedented two-lead current season, and Ben Higgins and Nick Viall are no exception.

The two former Bachelor leads, who starred on Seasons 20 and 21 respectively, are joining the throng of unhappy viewers and weighing in on the series’ first-ever two-lead season starring Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia.

“I don’t think a lot of people are fans of it,” Nick told E! News exclusively. “I think only because we’ve seen the women in previous seasons be pitted against each other. We all watched Gabby and Rachel kind of go through that experience that they went through on Clayton [Echard]‘s season. I get why they were both picked to be the Bachelorettes, because how could you really pick Gabby over Rachel or Rachel over Gabby?”

He continued, “I get the spirit of the choice so to speak but this show is unfortunately set up where it’s just impossible to not have them compete against themselves just by default. I think it certainly makes for drama but I think for a lot of people watching it, it just feels a little icky and unfair to both Gabby and Rachel. I think they’re kind of taking away from some of the enjoyment.”

How could you tell, Nick? Was it maybe the constant crying and self-doubt every week by both Rachel and Gabby?

While Nick called the beginning of the season “not so great”— nice understatement, Nick, especially after the sh** show of a Rose Ceremony where several suitors rejected Rachel‘s roses — the reality star says he remains “optimistic that things will change for the better.” He’s hopeful that Gabby and Rachel will get to “focus on their individual love stories” more as the season progresses.

Ben echoed his Bachelor BFF saying, “The reason it’s working at all is because of the two leads. I think they’re doing a really good job navigating this.” Not so much with the constant tears, Ben. I’d say they both seem fairly miserable most of the time, especially Rachel.

Ben continued, “I think it’s messy. Up until maybe this week I was just confused a lot.”

Like a lot of us, Ben felt particularly bad for Rachel after she was rejected by three men who preferred Gabby during the July 25 episode.

“She probably felt more [overwhelmed] than most have ever felt on the show and that would break you,” Ben added. “It would be really hard, then to try to navigate it and feel confident in your dating relationships. As Nick said, I’m optimistic that she will find her confidence and that she will walk forward and have a couple relationships that really push her forward, and I think Gabby will do the same. But right now I still just watch it and I’m like, ‘I don’t know. It’s not hitting me like some seasons were hitting in the past.'”

That’s putting it mildly, Ben. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Whose idea was this? Who thought having two Bachelorettes competing for the same group of men was a good idea?”

Of course, competition is the nature of this show. But usually it’s among the suitors, not the lead(s). This season Bachelor Nation is getting a double dose. Rachel and Gabby are going to need therapy when this season is over.


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