MTV’s Floribama Shore Canceled After 4 Seasons

It’s time to say goodbye to the cast of Floribama Shore as MTV officially announced the show would not be returning for a fifth season.

The show which first aired in 2017 as a successor to MTV’s wildly successful Jersey Shore lasted for 4 seasons and featured a lot of drama, fights, emotional moments, and so much more. Yes, everything we want and NEED in a reality show. The cast featured Jeremiah Buoni, Kortni Gilson (seasons 1-3), Aimee Hall, Codi ButtsKirk Medas, Nilsa Prowant, Candace Rice, and Gus Smyrnios as they took on different parts of Florida such as Panama City Beach and St. Pete Beach. The format of the fourth season shifted a little as they dealt with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic which caused them to shoot in Arizona, Montana, and Georgia.

Although the reason for the cancelation is unknown, it’s been reported that many of the cast members were confused by this news from the network as they were all present for the filming of cast member Nilsa’s wedding.

This show truly is something special. The many characters and their many personalities are just fascinating to watch. And on top of that, they understand the assignment. We’ve seen the cast physically fighting on the street with different bargoers and getting arrested. Aimee took viewers on her journey of anger management (after assaulting a few of her co-stars). Candace and Kirk are sure to pop off if you come at them the wrong way. And the biggest blowup of them all — Jeremiah vs. Gus.

These two were the best of friends in and outside of the house. They vacationed together, spent a lot of time together, they even considered each other to be real-life brothers. So close that Gus stayed with Jeremiah and his family for a period of time when he needed it the most. So for these two to not only fall out over a misunderstanding (everything is blurred when alcohol is involved) but to physically fight for not one but two seasons with each other — oh, they had viewers tuned in.

Never say never is the reality tv motto. We’ve seen shows come back after years of being off the air — just look at Jersey Shore Family Vacation. So, it’s possible that after a quick reset, some time off, and re-imagining the show in a different way, we could very well see this group reunited again at some point down the road.


[Photo Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images]