Married at First Sight
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Married At First Sight Recap: Reunion Part 2

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight was completely unnecessary. If I am being honest, most of the tea was spilled on the first part of the reunion. I felt like part 2 was rehashing things that were already discussed. But there were a few gems that came out of the episode.

The San Diego cast struggles to deal with the aftermath of a confrontation.  Issues from the past continue to put pressure on their relationships as they move forward. The experts intervene with blunt words of wisdom to help with unhealed wounds. Let’s get straight to the recap.

Stacia and Nate

Nate continues to antagonize Justin throughout the reunion. Honestly, if he worried as much about his own feelings as he does Justin’s, maybe he would be in a better place in his own marriage.  His wife has already admitted he is still guarded with his emotions. Stacia and Alexis had to continuously run interference between these two, while the other looked shocked.


Alexis and Justin

Justin doubts Alexis truly went on the show for the right reasons. Both of their siblings join them to give their input on the marriage, from their perspective. They both acknowledge their siblings just may not have been right for each other. Although they both have moved on, neither is dating seriously. The host and the experts encourage them to give each other another chance. Justin shuts the suggestion down, but I’m not convinced he wouldn’t change his tune, if Alexis expressed interest.

Later with the ladies, Alexis shares that she felt her and Justin‘s relationship dynamic was like a mother and child. Sigh! Well, I have to admit I can see why she could feel that way. Her level of attraction to him diminished over time due to his sensitive nature. She wanted to have her own emotions, without regulating his in the process. Surprisingly, most of the men support him embracing his emotions, with the exception of Nate who thought it was “weird”.  To each, their own, but I’m sure he will eventually find a woman who appreciates that.


Lindy and Miguel

Lindy speaks a little more about that explosive weekend during the couple’s retreat. Previously, she accused Miguel of trying to control her to some of the other participants. But during the reunion she makes it clear her husband isn’t controlling. She blames her own insecurities as the root of the issue. I’m not sure that is entirely true, since it seems like both of them were having serious issues on multiple occasions. But I guess she made the choice to stand by her man. Hopefully things are less stressful now that they no longer have cameras following them.


Krysten and Mitch

The ladies rally around Krysten supporting her and Mitch’s decision to divorce. Apparently, all of the women felt very strongly about the way he treated her throughout the experiment. The only reason we didn’t see more ire from them is because they were trying to respect Krysten’s choices. In unseen footage, we see Stacia repeatedly refer to Mitch as Bitch instead of his name. Insert side eye here. I’m not sure I would have let that slide if I were in his position.

While speaking with the experts, Mitch admits he didn’t fully understand what he was getting himself into. Ummm… is the title Married at First Sight not self-explanatory? He credits his lashing out to always feeling like an outcast throughout his life. Now that he has the chance to reflect, he realizes he brought those insecurities into his marriage. Sigh! Whatever the issue, I am just glad these two agreed to a divorce.


[Photo Credit: Lifetime]