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Caelynn Miller-Keys And Dean Unglert Talk About Missing Engagement Ring And Why She Bought Him A Truck

Even though he proposed late last month, Bachelor Nation’s Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes are still searching for that missing original engagement ring.

Caelynn explained that the ring was “in a drawer for the longest time, and I would sneak downstairs and try it on every once in a while,” US Magazine reports.

“I have photos of it on my hand,” she admitted. “I love it. It’s perfect.”

Because Dean couldn’t locate the original ring, Caelynn says, “He got me a ‘placeholder,’ [so] I do have a ring on my finger. And [the original ring] is somewhere in this house.”

Sadly, Caelynn admitted that they have “no idea” where the 4.5 carat sparkler is, but will search their home until it’s eventally found — as soon as Dean returns home from his most recent trip.

“He lost it. We spent hours scanning the video of our security cameras — we’re like, ‘When did he pull it out of the drawer?’ We cannot figure it out.”

4.5 carats is a good-sized rock. You could almost see that thing from space — especially on a sunny day with the reflection and all. I hope it was insured.

The Bachelorette alum proposed to Miss North Carolina 2018 last month after an 11-mile hike — 22 miles roundtrip. Yikes! He made her earn that ring!

“My first hike I did with him was, I think, 20 miles roundtrip. And I helicoptered out,” the Miss USA runner-up said. “His brother actually did this a couple years ago, and he [told me], ‘Just so you know, you can get boated out by pirates, it’s awesome.'”

Caelynn continued, “So the whole time I’m complaining on the way in [before the proposal], I’m like, ‘At least I don’t have to do it on the way back.’ And I cried at one point because it was so scary and you could die! . . . And I was like, ‘It’s fine, the pirates will pick me up, or I’ll get a helicopter.’ And then we talked to this guy [who lives] on the beach . . .  and he was like, ‘You can get a helicopter, [but] you have to fake an injury. They take you to the hospital, you have to get an ambulance and it’s $1,000.’ And I was like, ‘There’s no chance I’m spending that much money.’ So I hiked back.”

The Bachelor alum joked that the hike was “so much easier on the way back,” following  Dean‘s proposal.

“I think it was just very mental — the scariness of the hike,” Caelynn said. “But I was like, ‘I did it, just power through. Sushi is so close, you can do it and [get] a shower.'”

Prior to the proposal, Dean raised controversy in Bachelor Nation when he talked about a “deal” he made with his girlfriend of three years, after he saw the 4.5 carat ring she wanted. “I was like, ‘I’ll buy you a ring if you buy me a truck,'” he said at the time.

Caelynn claims it was all a misunderstanding and that Dean wasn’t really serious about the arrangement.

“It all started because I wanted to buy my engagement ring, because I just [thought] like, ‘I’m gonna be the one wearing it, I’m the one who wants it, I wanna buy it.’ And he didn’t like that,” she explained.

“So he’s like, ‘What if you bought me this truck instead?’ So I was like, ‘That’s the perfect compromise.’ And people then took it as he’s only proposing if I buy him a truck, which is insane. It was my idea.”

“But I did, I bought him a truck — I bought part of it,” the beauty queen continued. “I put a little bit of money down, and then he bought the rest. But yes, he has a truck, he loves it. And actually, he’s been working on a backyard, and it’s almost finished — thankfully, because of the truck.”

Let’s hope Dean didn’t accidentally bury that 4.5 carat ring under the new sod in the backyard.


[Photo Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin]